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@sontuphan sontuphan/hashValue.js

Last active Dec 11, 2017
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// Hash algorithm is Keccak256
// The raw values are 'rock', 'scissors' and 'paper'
var hashOfRock = '10977e4d68108d418408bc9310b60fc6d0a750c63ccef42cfb0ead23ab73d102';
var hashOfScissors = '389a2d4e358d901bfdf22245f32b4b0a401cc16a4b92155a2ee5da98273dad9a';
var hashOfPaper = 'ea923ca2cdda6b54f4fb2bf6a063e5a59a6369ca4c4ae2c4ce02a147b3036a21';
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