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Last active Nov 22, 2015
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Educational Qualifications of Members of the 111th Congress
Name District Education Science Law
Jeff Sessions (R) AL-Senate B.A., Huntingdon College; J.D. University of Alabama School of Law 1
Richard Shelby (R) AL-Senate B.A., University of Alabama; J.D. University of Alabama School of Law 1
Jo Bonner (R) AL-1 B.A. Journalism, University of Alabama 0
Bobby Bright (D) AL-2 B.A. Political Science, Auburn University; M.S. Criminal Justice, Troy State University; J.D. Thomas Goode Jones School of Law 1
Mike Rogers (R) AL-3 B.A., Political Science; M.P.A., Jackson State University; J.D. Birmingham School of Law 1
Robert Aderholt (R) AL-4 B.A., Political Science/History, Birmingham Southern College; J.D., Samford University 1
Partker Griffith (D) AL-5 B.S.; M.D., Louisiana State University 0
Spencer Bachus (R) AL-6 B.A., Auburn University; J.D., University of Alabama 1
Artur Davis (D) AL-7 B.A., Government, Harvard University; J.D., Harvard University School of Law 1
Mark Begich (D) AK-Senate Never completed college. 0
Lisa Murkowski (R) AK-Senate B.A., Economics, Georgetown Unviersity; J.D., WIlamette College of Law 1
Don Young (R) AK-at-large B.A., Education, Chico State University 0
John McCain (R) AZ-Senate B.S., International Business 0
Jon Kyl (R) AZ-Senate B.A, J.D. Law 1
Ann Kirkpatrick (D) AZ-1 B.A., University of Arizona; J.D., University of Arizona College of Law 1
Trent Franks (R) AZ-2 Attented Ottawa University 0
John Shadegg (R) AZ-3 B.A., J.D. University of Arizona 1
Ed Pastor (D) AZ-4 B.A. Chemistry, J.D., Arizona State University 1 1
Harry MItchell (D) AZ-5 B.A. Political Science, M.P.A. , Arizona State University 0
Jeff Flake (R) AZ-6 B.S. International Relations, M.A, Political Science, Brigham Young University 0
Raul Grijaiva (D) AZ-7 B.A., Sociology, University of Arizona 0
Gabrielle Giffords (D) AZ-8 B.A. Latin American History and Sociology, Scripps College; M.A. Urban Planning, Cornell University 0
Blanche Lincoln (D) AK-Senate B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman�s College 0
Mark Pryor (D) AR-Senate B.A., J.D., History, University of Arkansas 1
Marion Berry (D) AR-1 B.S., Pharmacy, University of Arkansas 0
Vic Snyder (D) AR-2 B.A., Chemistry, Willamette University; M.D., University of Oregon; J.D. University of Arkansas 1 1
John Boozman (R) AR-3 Attended, University of Arkansas; O.D., Optometry, Southern College of Optometry 0
Mike Ross (D) AR-4 B.A., Poilitical Science, University of Arkansas 0
Barbara Boxer (D) CA-Senate B.A., Economics, Brooklyn College 0
Diane Feinstein (D) CA-Senate B.A. HIstory, Stanford University 0
Mike Thompson (D) CA-1 B.A., Political Science, M.A. Public Administration, California State University; Chico 0
Wally Herger (R) CA-2 Attended as Business major, California State University; Sacramento. A.A. American River College. 0
Dan Lungren (R) CA-3 B.A., English, Notre Dame University. J.D. Georgetown University Law Center 1
Tom McClintock (R) CA-4 B.A., Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles 0
Doris Matsui (D) CA-5 B.A., Psychology, University of California, Berkeley 0
Lynn Woolsey (D) CA-6 B.S., Business, University of San Francisco 0
George Miller (D) CA-7 B.A., San Fransisco State University. J.D. University of California, Davis 1
Nancy Pelosi (D) CA-8 B.A., Political Science, Trinity College 0
Barbara Lee (D) CA-9 B.A., Psychology, Mills College. M.S.W. Social Work, University of California, Berkeley 0
Ellen Tauscher (D) CA-10 B.S., Early Childhood Education, Seton Hall University 0
Jerry McNerney (D) CA-11 Ph.D., Math and Engineering, University of New Mexico 1 0
Jackie Speier (D) CA-12 B.A., (no major), University of California, Davis; J.D., University of California, Hastings College of Law. 1
Pete Stark (D) CA-13 B.S., Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.B.A., Business, University of California, Berkeley 1 0
Anna Eshoo (D) CA-14 A.A., English, Canada College 0
Mike Honda (D) CA-15 B.A., Biology and Spanish, M.A., Education, San Jose State University 1 0
Zoe Lofgren (D) CA-16 B.A., Political Science, Stanford University; J.D. University of Santa Clara 1
Sam Farr (D) CA-17 B.S., Biology, Willamette College 1 0
Dennis Cardoza (D) CA-18 B.A., Government and Politics, University of Maryland 0
George Radanovich (R) CA-19 B.S., Agriculture Business Management; California Polytechnic State University 0
Jim Costa (D) CA-20 B.A., Political Science, Fresno State University 0
Devin Nunes (R) CA-21 A.A. Agriculture, College of the Sequoias; B.S., Agricultural Business; M.S. Agriculture, California Polytechnic State University 0
Kevin McCarthy (R) CA-22 B.A., Business, M.B.A., Business, California State University, Bakersfield 0
Lois Capps (D) CA-23 B.S., Nursing, Pacific Lutheran University; M.A. Education, University of California, Santa Barbara; M.A., Religion, Yale University 0
Elton Gallegly (R) CA-24 Attended, California State University 0
Howard McKeon (R) CA-25 B.A., Animal Husbandry, Brigham Young University 0
David Dreier (R) CA-26 B.A., Political Science, Claremont McKenna College. M.A. American Government, Claremont Graduate University 0
Brad Sherman (D) CA-27 B.A., Accounting, University of California, Los Angeles. J.D. Harvard University 1
Howard Berman (D) CA-28 B.A., International Relations; L.L.B. University of California, Los Angeles 0
Adam Schiff (D) CA-29 A.B. Political Science and Pre-Med, Stanford University. J.D. Harvard University 1
Henry Waxman (D) CA-30 B.A., Political Science; J.D., University of California, Los Angeles 1
Xavier Becerra (D) CA-31 B.A., Economics; J.D., Stanford University 1
Hilda Solis (D) CA-32 B.A., Political Science, California State Polytechnic University. M.P.A. Public Administration, University of Southern California 0
Diane Watson (D) CA-33 B.A., Education, University of California, Los Angeles. M.A. School Psychology California State University; Los Angeles. Ph.D. Educational Administration, Claremont Graduate College 0
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D) CA-34 B.A., Speech Therapy, California State University; Los Angeles 0
Maxine Waters (D) CA-35 B.A., Sociology, California State University; Los Angeles 0
Jane Harman (D) CA-36 B.A., Government, Smith College, J.D. Harvard University 1
Laura Richardson (D) CA-37 B.A., Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles, M.B.A., Business Administration, University of Southern California 0
Grace Napolitano (D) CA-38 Attended, Cerritos College, Texas Southmost College 0
Linda S�nchez (D) CA-39 B.A., Spanish Literature, University of California, Berkeley. J.D. University of California, Los Angeles 1
Edward R. Royce (R) CA-40 B.A., Accounting and Finance, California State University; Fullerton 0
Jerry Lewis (R) CA-41 B.A., Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles 0
Gary Miller (R) CA-42 Attended, Mt. San Antonio Community College 0
Joe Baca (D) CA-43 B.A., Sociology, California State University 0
Ken Calvert (R) CA-44 B.A., Economics, San Diego State University 0
Mary Bono Mack (R) CA-45 B.F.A., Art History, University of Southern California 0
Dana Rohrabacher (R) CA-46 B.A., History, Long Beach State College; M.A. American Studies, University of Southern California 0
Loretta Sanchez (D) CA-47 B.S., Economics, Chapman University; M.B.A., Finance American University 0
John Campbell (R) CA-48 B.A., Economics, University of California in Los Angeles; M.B.T. Business Taxation, University of Southern California 0
Darrell Issa (R) CA-49 B.A., Business, Siena Heights College 0
Brian Bilbray (R) CA-50 Attended, Southwestern College 0
Bob Filner (D) CA-51 B.S., Chemistry; Ph.D. History of Science, Cornell University; M.A. History, University of Delaware 1 0
Duncan D. Hunter (R) CA-52 B.B.A., Business Administration, San Diego State University 0
Susan Davis (D) CA-53 B.A., Sociology, University of California, Berkeley; M.S.W. Social Work, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 0
Michael Bennet (D) CO-Senate B.A., Wesleyan University; J.D., Yale Law School 1
Mark Udall (D) CO-Senate B.A., American Civilization, Williams College 0
Diana DeGette (D) CO-1 B.A., Political Science, Colorado College; J.D., New York University 1
Jared Polis (D) CO-2 B.A., Political Science, Princeton University 0
John Salazar (D) CO-3 B.A., Business, Adams State College 0
Betsy Markey (D) CO-4 B.S., Political Science, University of Florida; M.P.A., American University 0
Doug Lamborn (R) CO-5 B.A., Journalism, University of Kansas, J.D., University of Kansas 1
Mike Coffman (R) CO-6 B.A., Political Science, University of Colorado 0
Ed Perlmutter (D) CO-7 B.A., Political Science, History, Economics, J.D., University of Colorado 1
Chris Dodd (D) CT-Senate B.A., English Literature, Providence College; J.D., University of Louisville 1
Joe Lieberman (I) CT-Senate B.A., Politics, Economics, Yale University; J.D. Yale Law School 1
John Larson (D) CT-1 B.A., History, Central Connecticut State University 0
Joe Courtney (D) CT-2 B.A, History, Tufts University; J.D., University of Connecticut 1
Rosa DeLauro (D) CT-3 B.A. Marymount College; M.A., International Politics, Columbia University 0
Jim Himes (D) CT-4 B.A., Social Studies, Harvard University; M.A. Latin American Studies, Oxford University 0
Chris Murphy (D) CT-5 B.A., History, Political Science, Williams University; J.D. University of Connecticut 1
Ted Kaufman (D) DE-Senate B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Duke University; M.B.A., Warton School 1 0
Tom Carper (D) DE-Senate B.A., Economics, Ohio State University; M.B.A., University of Delaware 0
Mike Castle (R) DE-at-large B.A., Economics, Hamilton College; L.L.B., Georgetown University Law Center 0
Bill Nelson (D) FL-Senate B.A., Yale University 1965; J.D., University of Virginia 1
Mel Martinez (R) FL-Senate B.A., Internatnional Affairs, J.D., Florida State University 1
Jeff Miller (R) FL-1 B.A., Journalism, University of Florida 0
Allen Boyd (D) FL-2 B.S., Accounting, Florida State University 0
Corrine Brown (D) FL-3 B.A., Sociology, Florida A and M University; MA Education, Florida A and M University 0
Ander Crenshaw (R) FL-4 B.A., Political Science, University of Georgia; J.D., University of Florida 1
Ginny Brown-Waite (R) FL-5 B.A., Public Administration, State University of New York; M.P.A., Russell Sage College 0
Cliff Stearns (R) FL-6 B.S., Electrical Engineering, George Washington University 1 0
John Mica (R) FL-7 B.A., Political Science, University of Florida 0
Alan Grayson (D) FL-8 B.A., Urban Studies, Harvard University; M.P.A., Harvard University; J.D., Harvard University 1
Gus Bilirakis (R) FL-9 B.A., Political Science, University of Florida; J.D., Stetson University 1
Bill Young (R) FL-10 High School Diploma 0
Kathy Castor (D) FL-11 B.A., Political Science, Emory University; J.D., Florida State 1
Adam Putnam (R) FL-12 B.S., Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida 0
Vern Buchanan (R) FL-13 B.A., Business Administration, Cleary University; M.B.A., University of Detroit 0
Connie Mack IV (R) FL-14 B.S. Communications, University of Florida 0
Bill Posey (R) FL-15 A.A., Brevard Community College 0
Tom Rooney (R) FL-16 B.A., English Literature, Washington and Jefferson College; M.A., Political Science, University of Florida; J.D., University of Miami 1
Kendrick Meek (D) FL-17 B.A., Criminal Justice, Florida A and M University 0
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) FL-18 B.A., English, Florida International University; M.Ed., Florida International University 0
Robert Wexler (D) FL-19 B.A., Political Science, University of Florida; J.D., George Washington University 1
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) FL-20 B.A., Political Science, University of Florida; M.A., Political Science, University of Florida 0
Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R) FL-21 B.A., International Relations, University of South College; J.D., Case Western Reserve University 1
Ron Klein (D) FL-22 B.A., Political Science, Ohio State University; J.D., Case Western Reserve University 1
Alcee Hastings (D) FL-23 B.S., Zoology and Botany, Fisk University; J.D., Florida A and M University 1 1
Suzanne Kosmas (D) FL-24 B.A., Stetson University 0
Mario Diaz-Balart (R) FL-25 B.A., Political Science, University of South Florida 0
Johnny Isakson (R) GA-Senate B.B.A., University of Georgia 0
Saxby Chambliss (R) GA-Senate B.A. Business Administration, University of Georgia; J.D. University of Tennessee 1
Jack Kingston (R) GA-1 B.A., Economics, University of Georgia 0
Sanford Bishop (D) GA-2 B.A., Political Science, Morehouse College; J.D., Emory University 1
Lynn Westmoreland (R) GA-3 Attended Georgia State University 0
Hank Johnson (D) GA-4 B.A., Political Science, Clark College (Now Clark Atlanta University); J.D., Thurgood Marshall School Of Law, Texas Southern University 1
John Lewis (D) GA-5 B.A., Theology, Fisk University; M.A., Theology, American Baptist Theological Seminary 0
Tom Price (R) GA-6 B.A., General Studies, University of Michigan; M.D., University of Michigan 0
John Linder (R) GA-7 B.S., Sciences, University of Minnesota; D.D.S., University of Minnesota 1 0
Jim Marshall (D) GA-8 B.A., Politics, Princeton University; J.D., Boston University 1
Nathan Deal (R) GA-9 B.A., Mercer University; J.D., Mercer University 1
Paul Broun (R) GA-10 B.S., Chemistry, University of Georgia; M.D., Medical College of Georgia 1 0
Phil Gingrey (R) GA-11 B.S., Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology; M.D., Medical College of Georgia 1 0
John Barrow (D) GA-12 B.A., History and Political Science, University of Georgia; J.D., Harvard University 1
David Scott (D) GA-13 B.A., English, Florida A and M University; M.A., Finance and Marketing, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School 0
Daniel Akaka (D) HI-Senate B.Ed., University of Hawaii 1952; M.Ed., University of Hawaii 0
Daniel Inouye (D) HI-Senate B.A., Political Science, University of Hawaii; J.D., George Washington University Law School 1
Neil Abercrombie (D) HI-1 B.A., Sociology, Union College; M.A., Sociology, University of Hawaii; PhD, American Studies, University of Hawaii 0
Mazie Hirono (D) HI-2 B.A., Psychology, University of Hawaii; J.D., Georgetown University School of Law 1
Jim Risch (R) ID-Senate B.S., Forestry, University of Idaho; J.D., University of Idaho 1
Mike Crapo (R) ID-Senate B.A. Political Science, Brigham Young University; J.D., Harvard University School of Law 1
Walter Minnick (D) ID-1 B.A., Economics, Whitman College; J.D., Harvard University; MB.A., Harvard University 1
Michael K. Simpson (R) ID-2 B.S., Pre-Dentistry, Utah State University; D.D.S., Washington University 0
Dick Durbin (D) IL-Senate B.S., Foreign Services and Economics, Georgetown University; J.D., Georgetown University 1
Roland Burris (D) IL-Senate B.A., Political Science, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; International Law, University of Hamburg; J.D., Howard University School of Law 1
Bobby Rush (D) IL-1 B.A., General Studies, Roosevelt University; M.A., Theological Studies, McCormick Theological Seminary; M.A., Political Science, University of Illinois 0
Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D) IL-2 B.S., Business Management, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; M.A., Theology, Chicago Theological Seminary; J.D., University of Illinois 1
Dan Lipinski (D) IL-3 B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University; M.A., Economics, Stanford University; PhD, Political Science, Duke University 1 0
Luis Gutierrez (D) IL-4 B.A., Liberal Arts, Northeastern Illinois University 0
Peter Roskam (R) IL-6 B.A., Political Science, University of Illinois; J.D., Chicago-Kent College of Law 1
Danny K. Davis (D) IL-7 B.A., History and Education, Arkansas AM&N College; M.A., Guidance, Chicago State University; PhD, Public Administration, Union Institute 0
Melissa Bean (D) IL-8 B.A., Political Science, Roosevelt University 0
Janice D. Schakowsky (D) IL-9 B.S., Elementary Education, University of Illinois 0
Mark Steven Kirk (R) IL-10 B.A., History, Cornell University; M.A., Economics, London School of Economics; J.D., Georgetown University 1
Debbie Halvorson (D) IL-11 B.A., Communications, Governors State University; M.A., Communications, Governors State University 0
Jerry Costello (D) IL-12 B.A., Political Science, Maryville College 0
Judy Biggert (R) IL-13 B.A., International Relations, Stanford University; J.D., Northwestern University 1
Bill Foster (D) IL-14 B.S., Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison; PhD, Physics, Harvard University 1 0
Timothy V. Johnson (R) IL-15 B.A., History, University of Illinois; J.D., University of Illinois 1
Donald Manzullo (R) IL-16 B.A., Political Science, American University; J.D., Marquette University 1
Philip Hare (D) IL-17 Attended Blackhawk Junior College 0
Aaron Schock (R) IL-18 B.A., Finance, Bradley University 0
John Shimkus (R) IL-19 B.S., General Engineering, U.S. Military Academy at West Point; MB.A., Southern Illinois University 1 0
Evan Bayh (D) IN-Senate B.S. in Business Economics, Indiana University ; J.D., University of Virginia 1
Richard Lugar (R) IN-Senate B.A. in Economics, Denison University, 1954; M.A. in Economics/Politics/Philosophy, Pembroke College, Oxford University 0
Pete Visclosky (D) IN-1 B.S., Accounting, Indiana University Northwest; M.A., International/Comparative Law, Georgetown University; J.D., University of Notre Dame Law School 1
Joe Donnelly (D) IN-2 J.D., University of Notre Dame Law School; B.A., Government, University of Notre Dame 1
Mark Souder (R) IN-3 MB.A., University Notre Dame; B.S., Business Administration, Indiana University at Fort Wayne 0
Steve Buyer (R) IN-4 J.D., Valparaiso University School of Law; B.A., Business Administration, The Citadel 1
Dan Burton (R) IN-5 Attended, Cincinnati Bible Seminary; Attended, Indiana University. 0
Mike Pence (R) IN-6 J.D., Indiana University School of Law; B.A., History, Hanover College 1
Andr� Carson (D) IN-7 MB.A., Business Management, Indiana Wesleyan University; B.A., Criminal Justice Management, Concordia University � Wisconsin 0
Brad Ellsworth (D) IN-8 MA, Criminology, Indiana State University-Terre Haute; Graduated, Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy; B.S., Sociology, Indiana State University Evansville 0
Baron Hill (D) IN-9 B.A., History, Furman University 0
Chuck Grassley (R) IA-Senate B.A. University of Northern Iowa; M.A. in Political Science, University of Northern Iowa; Ph.D. work, University of Iowa 0
Tom Harkin (D) IA-Senate B.S. in Government/Economics, Iowa State University; J.D., Catholic University of America 1
Bruce Braley (D) IA-1 J.D., University of Iowa; B.A., Political Science, Iowa State University 1
David Loebsack (D) IA-2 Ph.D., Political Science, University of California at Davis; MA, Political Science, Iowa State University; B.S., Political Science, Iowa State University 0
Leonard Boswell (D) IA-3 B.A., Business Administration, Graceland College; Attended, Army Aviation Helicopter Flight School; Attended, Army Command and General Staff College; Attended, Army Fixed Wing Flight School; Attended, Artillery Officers Candidate School. 0
Tom Latham (R) IA-4 Attended, Iowa State University; Attended, Wartburg College. 0
Steve King (R) IA-5 Attended, Northwest Missouri State University 0
Pat Roberts (R) KS-Senate B.A., Journalism, Kansas State University 0
Sam Brownback (R) KS-Senate B.S., Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University; J.D., University of Kansas 1
Jerry Moran (R) KS-1 J.D., Kansas University School of Law; B.S., Economics, University of Kansas; Attended, Fort Hays State University 1
Lynn Jenkins (R) KS-2 B.S., Accounting/Economics, Weber State College; A.A., Kansas State University 0
Dennis Moore (D) KS-3 J.D., Washburn University; MA, Philosophy; B.S. Physics, University of Kansas; Attended, Southern Methodist University 1 1
Todd Tiahrt (R) KS-4 M.B.A., Marketing, Southwest Missouri State University; B.A., Management, Evangel College; Attended, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 0
Jim Bunning (R) KY-Senate B.S., Economics, Xavier University 0
Mitch McConnell (R) KY-Senate B.A., University of Louisville 1964; J.D., University of Kentucky Law School 1
Ed Whitfield (R) KY-1 J.D., University of Kentucky; Attended, American University, Wesley Theological Seminary; B.S., Business, University of Kentucky 1
Brett Guthrie (R) KY-2 Master�s of Public and Private Management, Yale University; B.S. in Mathematical economics, U.S. Military Academy at West Point 1 0
John Yarmuth (D) KY-3 B.A., American Studies, Yale University 0
Geoff Davis (R) KY-4 Attended, National Security/International Affairs, United States Military Academy 0
Harold Rogers (R) KY-5 LLB, University of Kentucky Law School; B.A., University of Kentucky; Attended, Western Kentucky University 0
Ben Chandler (D) KY-6 J.D., University of Kentucky College of Law; B.A., History, University of Kentucky 1
David Vitter (R) LA-Senate B.A., Harvard University; M.A., Economics/History, Oxford University; J.D., Tulane University 1
Mary Landrieu (D) LA-Senate B.A., Louisiana State University 0
Steve Scalise (R) LA-1 B.S., Computer Science, Louisiana State University 0
Joseph Cao (R) LA-2 B.S., Physics, Baylor University; MA, Philosophy, Fordham University; J.D., Loyola University New Orleans 1 1
Charlie Melancon (D) LA-3 B.A., Agri-Business, University of Southwestern Louisiana 0
John Fleming (R) LA-4 MD, University of Mississippi 0
Rodney Alexander (R) LA-5 Attended, Louisiana Technical University 0
Bill Cassidy (R) LA-6 MD, Louisiana State University Medical School; B.S., Biochemistry, Louisiana State University 1 0
Charles Boustany (R) LA-7 MD, Louisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans; B.A., University of Louisiana, Lafayette 0
Olympia Snowe (R) ME-Senate B.A., Political Science, University of Maine 0
Susan Collins (R) ME-Senate B.A., Saint Lawrence University 0
Chellie Pingree (D) ME-1 Attended, Kennedy School of Government Summer Fellows Program; B.A., College of the Atlantic; Attended, Outward Bound; Attended, University of Southern Maine. 0
Mike Michaud (D) ME-2 Doctor of Public Service, Unity College; Attended, Senior Executives Program, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 0
Barbara Mikulski (D) MD-Senate B.A., Mount Saint Agnes College; MSW, University of Maryland 0
Ben Cardin (D) MD-Senate B.A., Economics, University of Pittsburgh; J.D., University of Maryland 1
Frank Kratovil (D) MD-1 J.D., University of Baltimore School of Law; B.A., Western Maryland College 1
Dutch Ruppersberger (D) MD-2 J.D., University of Baltimore Law School; B.S., University of Maryland; Attended, Baltimore City College 1
John Sarbanes (D) MD-3 J.D., Harvard Law School; Attended, Law/Politics, Fulbright Scholarship, Greece; Degree, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University 1
Donna Edwards (D) MD-4 J.D., Franklin Pierce Law School; Degree, English/Spanish, Wake Forest University 1
Steny Hoyer (D) MD-5 J.D., Georgetown University Law Center; B.S., Political Science, University of Maryland 1
Roscoe Bartlett (R) MD-6 Ph.D., Physiology, University of Maryland; MS, Physiology, University of Maryland; B.S., Theology/Biology, Columbia Union College 1 0
Elijah Cummings (D) MD-7 J.D., University of Maryland School of Law; B.A., Political Science, Howard University 1
Chris Van Hollen (D) MD-8 J.D., Georgetown University Law Center; MPP, Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; B.A., Philosophy, Swarthmore College 1
John Kerry (D) MA-Senate B.A., Political Science, Yale University; J.D., Boston College Law School 1
Ted Kennedy (D) MA-Senate B.A., Government, Harvard University; LL.B, University of Virgina 0
John Olver (D) MA-1 Ph.D., Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS, Chemistry, Tufts University; B.A., Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1 0
Richard Neal (D) MA-2 MPA, University of Hartford, Barney School of Business and Public Administration; B.S., Political Science, American International College 0
Jim McGovern (D) MA-3 MPA, American University; B.A., History, American University 0
Barney Frank (D) MA-4 J.D., Harvard Law School; Graduate Studies, Harvard University; B.A., Government, Harvard University 1
Niki Tsongas (D) MA-5 J.D., Boston University; Attended, Michigan State; Attended, Smith College 1
John Tierney (D) MA-6 J.D., Suffolk University School of Law; B.A., Political Science, Salem State College 1
Ed Markey (D) MA-7 J.D., Boston College Law School; B.A., Boston College 1
Mike Capuano (D) MA-8 J.D., Boston College Law School; B.A., Psychology, Dartmouth College 1
Stephen Lynch (D) MA-9 MA, Public Administration, Harvard University; J.D., Boston College; B.S., Construction Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology 1
Bill Delahunt (D) MA-10 J.D., Boston College Law School; B.A., Middlebury College 1
Carl Levin (D) MI-Senate B.A., Political Science, Swarthmore College; LLB, Harvard Law School 0
Debbie Stabenow (D) MI-Senate B.A., Michigan State University; MSW, Michigan State University 0
Bart Stupak (D) MI-1 J.D., Thomas M. Cooley Law School; B.S., Criminal Justice, Saginaw Valley State University; A.A., Northwestern Michigan Community College 1
Peter Hoekstra (R) MI-2 M.B.A., University of Michigan; B.A., Political Science, Hope College 0
Vern Ehlers (R) MI-3 Ph.D., Nuclear Physics, University of California, Berkeley; AB, Physics, University of California, Berkeley;Attended, Calvin College, 1952-1955. 1 0
David Lee Camp (R) MI-4 J.D., University of San Diego; B.A., Albion College 1
Dale E. Kildee (D) MI-5 Graduate Studies, History/Political Science, University of Peshawar, Pakistan, Rotary Foundation Fellowship; MA, University of Michigan; B.A., Sacred Heart Seminary; Teaching Certificate, University of Detroit 0
Fred Upton (R) MI-6 B.A., Journalism, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 0
Mark Schauer (D) MI-7 Attending, Ph.D., Political Science/Urban Studies, Michigan State University; MA, Political Science, Michigan State University; MPA, Western Michigan University; B.A., Albion College 0
Mike J. Rogers (R) MI-8 Graduate, FBI Academy; B.A., Sociology, Criminal Justice, Adrian College; Attended, University of Michigan 0
Gary Peters (D) MI-9 J.D., Wayne State University Law School; M.B.A. University of Detroit; B.A. Alma College 1
Candice Miller (R) MI-10 Attended, Northwood University; Attended, Macomb County Community College 0
Thaddeus McCotter (R) MI-11 J.D., University of Detroit; B.A., Political Science, University of Detroit 1
Sander Levin (D) MI-12 J.D., Harvard University; MA, International Relations, Columbia University; B.A., University of Chicago 1
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D) MI-13 MS, Education, University of Michigan; B.S., Education, Western Michigan University; A.A., Ferris State University 0
John Conyers Jr. (D) MI-14 J.D., Wayne State Law School; B.A., Wayne State University 1
John Dingell (D) MI-15 J.D., Georgetown University Law School; B.S., Chemistry, Georgetown University 1 1
Amy Klobuchar (D) MN-Senate B.A., Political Science, Yale University; J.D., University of Chicago 1
Al Franken (D) MN-Senate B.A., General Studies, Harvard College 0
Tim Walz (D) MN-1 Attending, Ph.D., Saint Mary�s University; MS, Educational Leadership, Minnesota State University, Mankato; B.S., Social Science Education, Chadron State College 0
John Kline (R) MN-2 M.P.A., Shippensburg University; B.A., Biology, Rice University 1 0
Erik Paulsen (R) MN-3 B.A., Mathematics, Saint Olaf College 1 0
Betty McCollum (D) MN-4 B.A., College of Saint Catherine; A.A., Inver Hill Community College 0
Keith Ellison (D) MN-5 J.D., University of Minnesota Law School; B.A., Economics, Wayne State University 1
Michele Bachmann (R) MN-6 J.D., Coburn Law; LLM, Marshall-Wythe School of Law, College of William and Mary; B.A., Winona State University 1
Collin Peterson (D) MN-7 B.A., Business Administration, Accounting, Moorhead State University 0
Jim Oberstar (D) MN-8 MA, European Studies, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium; B.A., French/Political Science, College of Saint Thomas; Attended, Graduate Program, Georgetown University; Attended, Laval University, Quebec, Canada. 0
Roger Wicker (R) MS-Senate B.A., Political Science/Journalism, University of Mississippi; J.D., University of Mississippi 1
Thad Cochran (R) MS-Senate B.A., Psychology/Political Science, University of Mississippi; Graduated, United States Navy School of Justice; J.D., University of Mississippi Law School 1
Travis Childers (D) MS-1 B.A., Business Administration, University of Mississippi; Attended, Northeast Mississippi Junior College 0
Bennie Thompson (D) MS-2 MS, Educational Administration, Jackson State University; B.A., Political Science, Tougaloo College 0
Gregg Harper (R) MS-3 J.D., University of Mississippi Law School; B.S., Chemistry, Mississippi College 1 1
Gene Taylor (D) MS-4 Graduate Studies, Business/Economics, University of Southern Mississippi; B.S., Political Science/History, Tulane University 0
Claire McCaskill (D) MO-Senate B.S., Political Science, University of Missouri; J.D., University of Missouri Law School 1
Kit Bond (R) MO-Senate B.A., Woodrow Wilson School of Government, Princeton University; LLB, University of Virginia School of Law, 1963 0
William Lacy Clay, Jr. (D) MO-1 B.S., Government/Politics, University of Maryland; Political Science and Paralegal Certificate, University of Maryland, College Park 0
Todd Akin (R) MO-2 B.S., Management Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; M.Div., Covenant Seminary 0
Russ Carnahan (D) MO-3 B.S., Public Administration/Public Service, University of MO- Columbia; J.D. University of Missouri-Columbia 1
Ike Skelton (D) MO-4 A.A., Wentworth Military and Junior College; AB and LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) University of Missouri 0
Emanuel Cleaver (D) MO-5 B.S., Sociology from Prairie View A&M University, M.Div., St. Paul School of Theology 0
Sam Graves (R) MO-6, B.S. Agronomy from University of Missouri-Columbia 0
Roy Blunt (R) MO-7 B.A. in History from Southwest Baptist University and M.A. in History from Missouri State University 0
Jo Ann Emerson (R) MO-8 B.A. in political science from Ohio Wesleyan University 0
Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) MO-9 B.A., Political Science, minor in Business Administratio, Lincoln University 0
Jon Tester (D) MT-Senate B.S., Music, University of Great Falls 0
Max Baucus (D) MT-Senate B.A., Economics, Stanford University; LLB, Stanford University Law School 0
Denny Rehberg (R) MT-at-large B.A., Public Administration/Political Science, Washington State 0
Ben Nelson (D) NE-Senate B.A., Philosophy, University of Nebraska; M.A., Philosophy, University of Nebraska; J.D., University of Nebraska 1
Mike Johanns (R) NE-Senate B.A., Saint Mary�s University, Winona, MN; J.D., Creighton University 1
Jeff Fortenberry (R) NE-1 B.A., Economics, Louisiana State University, MPP, Georgetown, MA, Theology, Franciscan University 0
Lee Terry (R) NE-2 B.A. in Political Science from University of Nebraska and Law Degree from Creighton University 0
Adrian Smith (R) NE-3 B.S. in Marketing Education from University of Nebraska-Lincoln 0
Harry Reid (D) NV-Senate A.S., Southern Utah State College; B.S., Utah State University; J.D., George Washington University School of Law 1
John Ensign (R) NV-Senate B.S., Oregon State University; DVM, Colorado State University Veterinary School 0
Shelley Berkley (D) NV-1 B.A., Political Science, University of Nevada Las Vegas, J.D., University of San Diego 1
Dean Heller (R) NV-2 B.A., Business Administration, University of Southern California 0
Dina Titus (D) NV-3 B.A. Government, College of William and Mary; MS, Political Science, University of Georgia; Ph.D., Political Science, University of Florida 0
Jeanne Shaheen (D) NH-Senate B.A., Shippensburg College; M.S.S., University of Mississippi 0
Judd Gregg (R) NH-Senate B.A., Columbia University; J.D., Boston University; LLM, Tax Law, Boston University 1
Carol Shea-Porter (D) NH-1 B.S., Social services; M.S., public Administration, University of New Hampshire 0
Paul Hodes (D) NH-2 B.A., French, Dartmouth College; J.D., Boston College Law School 1
Bob Menendez (D) NJ-Senate B.A., Saint Peter�s College; J.D., Rutgers School of Law, Newark 1
Frank Lautenberg (D) NJ-Senate B.S., Economics, Columbia University School of Business 0
Rob Andrews (D) NJ-1 B.A., Political Science, Bucknell University; J.D., Cornell University Law School 1
Frank LoBiondo (R) NJ-2 B.A., Business Administration, St. Joseph�s University 0
John Adler (D) NJ-3 B.A., Government, Harvard College; J.D., Harvard Law School 1
Chris Smith (R) NJ-4 B.A., Business, Trenton State College 0
Scott Garrett (R) NJ-5 B.A., Political Science, Montclair State University; J.D., Rutgers School of Law 1
Frank Pallone (D) NJ-6 B.A. History and French, Middlebury College; M.A., International Relations, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University; J.D., Rutgers University School of Law 1
Leonard Lance (R) NJ-7 B.A., Lehigh University; M.P.A., Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, J.D., Vanderbilt University Law School 1
Bill Pascrell Jr. (D) NJ-8 B.A., Journalism; MA, Philosophy, Fordham University 0
Steve Rothman (D) NJ-9 B.A., Political Philosophy, Syracuse University 0
Donald M. Payne (D) NJ-10 B.A., Social Studies, Seton Hall University, Graduate Studies, Springfield College 0
Rodney Frelinghuysen (R) NJ-11 B.A., Hobart College, Attended for American History, Trinity College 0
Rush D. Holt Jr. (D) NJ-12 B.S., Physics, Carleton College, MS/PhD, Physics, New York University 1 0
Albio Sires (D) NJ-13 B.A., Business, St. Peter�s College 0
Jeff Bingaman (D) NM-Senate B.A., Government, Harvard University; J.D., Stanford Law School 1
Tom Udall (D) NM-Senate B.A., Government, Political Science, Prescott College; BLL, Cambridge University; J.D., University of New Mexico 1
Martin Heinrich (D) NM-1 B.S.E, Science and Engineering, University of Missouri 1 0
Harry Teague (D) NM-2 Did not complete high school. 0
Ben R. Luj�n (D) NM-3 B.A., Business Administration, Highlands University 0
Charles Schumer (D) NY-Senate B.A., Harvard University; J.D., Harvard Law School 1
Tim Bishop (D) NY-1 B.A., History, College of the Holy Cross; M.P.A., Public Administration, Long Island University 0
Steve Israel (D) NY-2 B.A. Political Science, George Washington University 0
Peter T. King (R) NY-3 St. Francis College, B.A., History; J.D., University of Notre DAme 1
Carolyn McCarthy (D) NY-4 LPN, Nursing, Glen Cove Nursing School 0
Gary Ackerman (D) NY-5 B.A., Education and Political Science, Queens College 0
Gregory W. Meeks (D) NY-6 B.A., Adelphi University and J.D., Howard University 1
Joseph Crowley (D) NY-7 B.A., political science and communication, Queens College 0
Jerrold Nadler (D) NY-8 B.A., Government, Columbia University and J.D., Fordham University 1
Anthony D. Weiner (D) NY-9 B.A., University of New York at Plattsburgh 0
Ed Towns (D) NY-10 B.S., Sociology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and MSW, Social Work form Adelphi University 0
Yvette D. Clarke (D) NY-11 B.A., Public Policy and Political Science, Oberlin College 0
Nydia Vel�zquez (D) NY-12 B.A., Political Science University of Puerto Rico; MA, political science, NYU 0
Michael McMahon (D) NY-13 B.A., Political Science/History, New York University, J.D., New York Law School 1
Carolyn B. Maloney (D) NY-14 B.A., History and Literature, Greensboro College 0
Charles B. Rangel (D) NY-15 B.S., accounting, New York University and J.D., St. John�s University 1
Jos� Serrano (D) NY-16 attended City University of New York but did not get a degree 0
Eliot L. Engel (D) NY-17 B.A., history, Hunter-Lehman College; master�s degree, guidance and counseling, Herbert H. Lehman College; J.D., New York Law School 1
Nita Lowey (D) NY-18 B.A., Marketing, Mount Holyoke College 0
John Hall (D) NY-19 Attended for Physics, Notre Dame (didn�t graduate) 1 0
Kirsten Gillibrand (D) NY-20 B.A., Asian Studies, Dartmouth, J.D., UCLA School of Law 1
Paul Tonko (D) NY-21 B.S., Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Clarkson University 1 0
Maurice Hinchey (D) NY-22 B.S., Political Science and English, State University of New York at New Paltz 0
John M. McHugh (R) NY-23 B.A., Political Science, Utica College of Syracuse University and a Master�s Degree, Public Administration, State University�s Nelson A. Rockefeller Graduate School of Public Affairs 0
Michael Arcuri (D) NY-24 B.A., History, State University of New York and J.D., New York Law School 1
Dan Maffei (D) NY-25 B.A., History, Brown University and Master�s, Journalism, Columbia and Masters, Harvard�s John F. Kennedy School of Government 0
Chris Lee (R) NY-26 B.A., economics and finance, University of Rochester and an M.B.A., Chapman University 0
Brian Higgins (D) NY-27 B.A., Political Science and MA, History, Buffalo State College and M.P.A., Harvard University 0
Louise McIntosh Slaughter (D) NY-28 B.S., microbiology and a Masters Degree, public health, University of Kentucky, Lexington 1 0
Eric Massa (D) NY-29 B.S., Engineering, Annapolis 1 0
Kay Hagan (D) NC-Senate B.A., American Studies, Florida State University; J.D., Wake Forest University 1
Richard Burr (R) NC-Senate B.A., Wake Forest University 0
G. K. Butterfield (D) NC-1 B.A., Political Science and J.D., North Carolina Central University 1
Bob Etheridge (D) NC-2 B.A., Business, Campbell University 0
Walter B. Jones (R) NC-3 B.S., History, Atlantic Christian College 0
David Price (D) NC-4 B.A., American History and Math, University of North Carolina; BD, Theology and PhD, Political Science, Yale; 1 0
Virginia Foxx (R) NC-5 B.A. and MA, Sociology and PhD, Higher Education, University of North Carolina 0
Howard Coble (R) NC-6 B.A., History, Guilford College and a J.D., University of North Carolina School of Law 1
Mike McIntyre (D) NC-7 B.A., Political Science and J.D., University of North Carolina 1
Larry Kissell (D) NC-8 B.A., Economics, Wake Forest University 0
Sue Wilkins Myrick (R) NC-9 Attended Heidelberg College for Elementary Education 0
Patrick McHenry (R) NC-10 B.A., History, Belmont Abbey College 0
Heath Shuler (D) NC-11 B.A., Psychology, University of Tennessee 0
Mel Watt (D) NC-12 B.A., Business Administration, University of North Carolina and J.D., Yale 1
Brad Miller (D) NC-13 B.A. Political Science, University of North Carolina; MSC, Comparative Government, London School of Economics; J.D., Columbia 1
Byron Dorgan (D) ND-Senate B.S., University of North Dakota; MB.A., University of Denver 0
Kent Conrad (D) ND-Senate B.A., Government/Political Science, Stanford University 1971; MB.A., George Washington University 1975 0
Earl Pomeroy (D) ND-At-large B.A. Political Science; J.D. University of North Dakota 1
George Voinovich (R) OH-Senate B.A., Government, Ohio University 1958; J.D., Ohio State University 1961 1
Sherrod Brown (D) OH-Senate B.A., Russian Studies, Yale University 1974; MPA, Ohio State University 1979; MA, Education, Ohio State University 1981 0
Steve Driehaus (D) OH-1 B.A. Political Science, Miami University. M.P.A. Public Administration, Indiana University. 0
Jean Schmidt (R) OH-2 B.S. Political Science, University of Cincinnati 0
Michael R. Turner (R) OH-3 B.A. Political Science, Ohio Northern University. M.B.A. Business, University of Dayton. J.D., Case Western Reserve University 1
Jim Jordan (R) OH-4 B.A. Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison. M.A. Social Studies Education, Ohio State University. J.D. Capital University. 1
Bob Latta (R) OH-5 B.A. History, Bowling Green State University. J.D. University of Toledo. 1
Charlie Wilson (D) OH-6 B.B.A. Business Administration, Ohio University 0
Steve Austria (R) OH-7 B.A. Political Science, Marquette University 0
John A. Boehner (R) OH-8 B.A. Business Administration, Xavier University 0
Marcy Kaptur (D) OH-9 B.A. History, University of Wisconsin, Madison. M.A. Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 0
Dennis J. Kucinich (D) OH-10 B.A.; M.A. Speech Communications, Case Western Reserve University 0
Marcia Fudge (D) OH-11 B.S. Business Administration, Ohio State University. J.D. Cleveland State University. 1
Pat Tiberi (R) OH-12 B.A. Journalism, Ohio State University 0
Betty Sutton (D) OH-13 B.A. Political Science, Kent State University. J.D. University of Akron. 1
Steve LaTourette (R) OH-14 B.A. History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. J.D. Cleveland State University 1
Mary Jo Kilroy (D) OH-15 B.A. Political Science, Cleveland State University, J.D. Ohio State University 1
John Boccieri (D) OH-16 B.S. Economics, St. Bonaventure University. M.P.A. Public Administration, Webster University. M.A. Business, Webster University. 0
Tim Ryan (D) OH-17 B.S. Political Science, Bowling Green State University. J.D. Franklin Pierce Law Center. 1
Zack Space (D) OH-18 B.A. Political Science, Kenyon College. J.D. Ohio State University. 1
James Inhofe (R) OK-Senate B.A., Economics, University of Tulsa 1973 0
Tom Coburn (R) OK-Senate B.S., Accounting, Oklahoma State University 1970; M.D., University of Oklahoma Medical School 1983 0
John Sullivan (R) OK-1 B.A. Business Administration, Northeastern State University 0
Dan Boren (D) OK-2 B.A. Economics, Texas Christian University. M.B.A. Business, University of Oklahoma 0
Frank Lucas (R) OK-3 B.A. Agri-economics, Oklahoma State University 0
Tom Cole (R) OK-4 B.A. History, Grinnell College. M.A. History, Yale University. Ph.D. History, University of Oklahoma. 0
Mary Fallin (R) OK-5 B.S. Human and Environmental Studies, Oklahoma State University. 0
Jeff Merkley (D) OR-Senate B.A., Stanford University 1979; M.A., Princeton University 1982 0
Ron Wyden (D) OR-Senate B.A., Political Science, Stanford University 1971; J.D., University of Oregon School of Law 1974 1
David Wu (D) OR-1 B.S. Biology, Stanford University. J.D. Yale University. 1 1
Greg Walden (R) OR-2 B.A. Journalism, University of Oregon 0
Earl Blumenauer (D) OR-3 B.A. Political Science; J.D., Lewis and Clark College. 1
Peter DeFazio (D) OR-4 B.A. Economics and Political Science, Tufts University. M.S. Public Administration and Gerontology, University of Oregon 0
Kurt Schrader (D) OR-5 B.A. International Relations, Cornell University, B.S. University of Illinois, DVM, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 0
Arlen Specter (R) PA-Senate B.A., International Relations, University of Pennsylvania 1951; LLB, Yale Law School 1956 0
Bob Casey, Jr. (D)),PA-Senate PA-Senate B.A., The College of the Holy Cross 1982; J.D., The Catholic University of America 1988 1
Bob Brady (D) PA-1 High school diploma 0
Chaka Fattah (D) PA-2 Attended Community College of Philadelphia; M.A. Government Administration, University of Pennsylvania; Senior Executives Program, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 0
Kathy Dahlkemper (D) PA-3 B.S. Dietetics, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 0
Jason Altmire (D) PA-4 B.A. Political Science, Florida State University. M.S. Heath Administration, George Washington University 0
Glenn Thompson (R) PA-5 B.S. Therapeutic Recreation, Pennsylvania State University. M.Ed. Health Science/Therapeutic Recreation, Temple University. NHA/L Nursing/ Home Administration, Marywood University. 0
Jim Gerlach (R) PA-6 B.A. Political Science; J.D. Dickinson College. 1
Joe Sestak (D) PA-7 B.S. American Political Systems, U.S. Naval Academy. M.S. and Ph.D. Political Economy and Government, Harvard University. 0
Patrick Murphy (D) PA-8 A.A. Psychology, Bucks County Community College. B.A. Psychology and Human Resources Management, King�s College. J.D. Widener University 1
Bill Shuster (R) PA-9 B.A. Political Science and History, Dickinson College. M.B.A. Business Administration, American University 0
Chris Carney (D) PA-10 B.S. Environmental Science and U.S. Diplomatic History, Cornell College. M.A. University of Wyoming. Ph.D. University of Nebraska � Lincoln 0
Paul E. Kanjorski (D) PA-11 Attended: Temple University and Dickinson College Law School 0
John Murtha (D) PA-12 B.A. Economics, University of Pittsburgh 0
Allyson Schwartz (D) PA-13 B.A. Sociology, Simmons College. M.A. Social Work, Bryn Mawr School of Social Work 0
Michael F. Doyle (D) PA-14 B.A. Community Planning, Pennsylvania State University 0
Charlie Dent (R) PA-15 B.S. International Politics and Foreign Service, Pennsylvania State University. M.P.A. Public Administration, LeHigh University 0
Joseph R. Pitts (R) PA-16 B.A. Math, Asbury College. M.Ed. Science Education, West Chester University 1 0
Tim Holden (D) PA-17 B.A. Sociology, Bloomsburg University 0
Tim Murphy (R) PA-18 B.A. Psychology, Wheeling Jesuit University. M.A. Psychology, Cleveland State University. Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, University of Pittsburgh 0
Todd Platts (R) PA-19 B.A. Public Administration, Shippensburg University. J.D. Pepperdine University 1
Jack Reed (D) RI-Senate B.S., Engineering, United States Military Academy, West Point 1971; MPP, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 1973; J.D., Harvard Law School 1982 1 1
Sheldon Whitehouse (D) RI-Senate Architecture, Yale University 1978; J.D., University of Virginia Law School 1982 1
Patrick J. Kennedy (D) RI-1 B.A. Social Sciences, Providence College 0
James Langevin (D) RI-2 B.A. Political Science, Rhode Island College. M.P.A. Public Administration, Harvard University. 0
Jim DeMint (R) SC-Senate B.S., Communications, University of Tennessee 1973; MB.A., Clemson University 1981 0
Lindsey Graham (R) SC-Senate B.A., Psychology, University of SC- Columbia 1977; J.D., University of South Carolina Law School 1981 1
Henry E. Brown, Jr. (R) SC-1 Attended: Baptist College; The Citadel. 0
Joe Wilson (R) SC-2 B.A. Political Science, Washington and Lee University. J.D. University of South Carolina. 1
Gresham Barrett (R) SC-3 B.S. Business, The Citadel. 0
Bob Inglis (R) SC-4 B.S. Political Science, Duke University. J.D. University of Virginia 1
John Spratt (D) SC-5 B.A. History, Davidson College. M.A. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Oxford University. L.L.B. Law, Yale University 0
Jim Clyburn (D) SC-6 B.A. Education, South Carolina State University. J.D. University of South Carolina 1
John Thune (R) SD-Senate B.A., Business, Biola University 1983; MB.A., University of South Dakota 1984 0
Tim Johnson (D) SD-Senate B.A., Political Science, University of South Dakota 1969; MPA, Public Administration, University of South Dakota 1970; J.D., University of South Dakota 1975 1
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) SD-At-large B.A. Government, Georgetown University. J.D. Georgetown University 1
Bob Corker (R) TN-Senate B.S., Industrial Management, University of Tennessee 1974 0
Lamar Alexander (R) TN-Senate B.A., Latin American History, Vanderbilt University 1962; J.D., New York University Law School 1965 1
Phil Roe (R) TN-1 B.S. Biology, Austin Peay State University. M.D. University of Tennessee 1 0
John Duncan (R) TN-2 B.A. Journalism, University of Tennessee. J.D. George Washington University. 1
Zach Wamp (R) TN-3 Attended: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Industrial Relations; University of TN- Political Science. 0
Lincoln Davis (D) TN-4 B.S. Agronomy, Tennessee Tech University 0
Jim Cooper (D) TN-5 B.A. History and Economics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. M.A. Politics and Economics, Oxford University. J.D. Harvard Law School 1
Bart Gordon (D) TN-6 B.S. Political Science, Middle Tennessee State University, J.D. University of Tennessee 1
Marsha Blackburn (R) TN-7 B.A. Merchandising and Textiles, Mississippi State University. 0
John S. Tanner (D) TN-8 B.A. Business Administration; J.D., University of Tennessee 1
Steve Cohen (D) TN-9 B.A. History, Vanderbilt University. J.D. University of Memphis 1
John Cornyn (R) TX-Senate B.A., Journalism, Trinity University 1973; J.D., Saint Mary�s School of Law 1977; LLM, University of Virginia Law School 1995 1
Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) TX-Senate B.A., University of Texas 1962; J.D., University of Texas School of Law 1967 1
Louie Gohmert (R) TX-1 B.A. History, Texas A&M University. J.D. Baylor University 1
Ted Poe (R) TX-2 B.A. Political Science, Abilene Christian University. J.D. University of Houston. 1
Sam Johnson (R) TX-3 B.A. Business, Southern Methodist University. M.A. International Affairs, George Washington University 0
Ralph Hall (R) TX-4 Attended: Texas Christian University; University of Texas. L.L.B. Southern Methodist University 0
Jeb Hensarling (R) TX-5 B.A. Economics, Texas A&M University. J.D. University of Texas School of Law. 1
Joe Barton (R) TX-6 B.S. Engineering, Texas A&M University. M.S. Administration, Purdue University 1 0
John Culberson (R) TX-7 B.A. History, Southern Methodist University. J.D. South Texas College of Law 1
Kevin Brady (R) TX-8 B.A. Mass Communications, University of South Dakota 0
Al Green (D) TX-9 Attended, Tuskegee Institute of Technology, Attended, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, J.D. Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University 1
Michael McCaul (R) TX-10 B.S. Political Science, Business and History, Trinity University. J.D. St. Mary�s University. Fellowship: government, Harvard University 1
Mike Conaway (R) TX-11 B.S. Accounting, East Texas State University 0
Kay Granger (R) TX-12 B.S. Texas Wesleyan University 0
Mac Thornberry (R) TX-13 B.A. History, Texas Tech University. J.D. University of Texas 1
Ron Paul (R) TX-14 B.S. Biology, Gettysburg University. M.D. Duke University 1 0
Rub�n Hinojosa (D) TX-15 B.B.A. Business Administration, University of Texas. M.B.A. Business Administration, University of Texas � Pan American 0
Silvestre Reyes (D) TX-16 A.A. Criminal Justice, El Paso Community College. Attended, University of Texas. 0
Chet Edwards (D) TX-17 B.A. Economics, Texas A&M University. M.B.A. Harvard University 0
Sheila Jackson-Lee (D) TX-18 B.A. Political Science, Yale University. J.D. University of Virginia. 1
Randy Neugebauer (R) TX-19 B.A. Accounting, Texas Tech University 0
Charlie Gonzalez (D) TX-20 B.A. Government, University of Texas. J.D. St. Mary�s University 1
Lamar S. Smith (R) TX-21 B.A. American Studies, Yale University. J.D. Southern Methodist University 1
Pete Olson (R) TX-22 B.A. Computer Science, Rice University. J.D. University of Texas 1 1
Ciro Rodriguez (D) TX-23 B.A. Political Science, St. Mary�s University. M.S.W. Social Work, Our Lady of the Lake University. 0
Kenny Marchant (R) TX-24 B.A. Business, Southern Nazarene University (or possibly Theology) 0
Lloyd Doggett (D) TX-25 B.A. Business; J.D. University of Texas 1
Michael C. Burgess (R) TX-26 B.A. Physiology, University of North Texas. M.A. Physiology, University of North Texas. M.D. University of Texas. M.A. Medical Management, University of Texas 0
Solomon P. Ortiz (D) TX-27 Officers Certificate, Institute of Applied Science; Attended Delmar College; Officers Certificate, National Sheriffs� Training Institute 0
Henry Cuellar (D) TX-28 A.A. Political Science, Laredo Community College. B.S.F.S. Foreign Service, Georgetown University. M.B.A. Business Administration, Laredo State University. J.D. University of Texas. Ph.D. Government, University of Texas 1
Gene Green (D) TX-29 B.A. Business Administration, University of Houston. Attended: University of Houston School of Law 0
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) TX-30 B.A. Nursing, Texas Christian University. M.P.A. Public Administration, Southern Methodist University 0
John Carter (R) TX-31 B.A. History, Texas Tech University. J.D. University of Texas 1
Pete Sessions (R) TX-32 B.S. Political Science, Southwestern University 0
Orrin Hatch (R) UT-Senate B.S., History, Brigham Young University 1959; J.D., University of Pittsburgh Law of School 1962 1
Robert Bennett (R) UT-Senate B.S., Political Science, University of Utah 1957 0
Rob Bishop (R) UT-1 B.A. Political Science, University of Utah 0
Jim Matheson (D) UT-2 B.A. Government, Harvard University. M.B.A. Business, University of California, Los Angeles. 0
Jason Chaffetz (R) UT-3 B.A. Communications, Brigham Young University 0
Bernie Sanders (I) VT-Senate B.A., Psychology, University of Chicago 1964 0
Patrick Leahy (D) VT-Senate B.A., Saint Michael�s College 1961; J.D., Georgetown University 1964 1
Peter Welch (D) VT-At-large AB, College of the Holy Cross; JD, University of California Berkeley 0
Jim Webb (D) VA-Senate Graduated, United States Naval Academy 1968; J.D., Georgetown University Law Center 1975 1
Mark Warner (D) VA-Senate B.A., Political Science, George Washington University 1977; J.D., Harvard Law School 1980 1
Rob Wittman (R) VA-1 B.S., Biology, Virginia Tech; M.P.H. Health Policy and Administration, University of North Carolina; Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University 1 0
Glenn Nye (D) VA-2 B.S., Foreign Service, School of Foreign Service Georgetown University 0
Robert C. Scott (D) VA-3 B.A., Political Science, Harvard University; J.D., Boston College Law School 1
Randy Forbes (R) VA-4 B.A., Political Science, Randolph-Macon College; J.D., University of Virginia 1
Tom Perriello (D) VA-5 B.A., Humanities, Yale University; J.D., Yale University 1
Bob Goodlatte (R) VA-6 B.A., Government, Bates College; J.D., Washington and Lee University School of Law 1
Eric Cantor (R) VA-7 B.A., Political Science, George Washington University; M.A., Real Estate Development, Columbia University; J.D., The College of William and Mary 1
Jim Moran (D) VA-8 B.A., Economics, College of the Holy Cross; M.A., Public Administration, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs 0
Rick Boucher (D) VA-9 B.A., Political Science, Roanoke College; J.D., University of Virginia 1
Frank Wolf (R) VA-10 B.A., Political Science, Penn State; J.D., Georgetown University 1
Gerry Connolly (D) VA-11 B.A., Literature, Maryknoll College; MA, Public Administration, Harvard University 0
Maria Cantwell (D) WA-Senate B.A., Public Policy, Miami University of Ohio 1980 0
Patty Murray (D) WA-Senate B.A., Washington State University 1972 0
Jay Inslee (D) WA-1 B.A., Economics, University of Washington; J.D., Willamette University 1
Rick Larsen (D) WA-2 B.A., Political Science, Pacific Lutheran University; M.A., Public Affairs, University of Minnesota 0
Brian Baird (D) WA-3 B.S., Psychology, University of Utah; MS, University of Wyoming; Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Wyoming 0
Doc Hastings (R) WA-4 Attended Columbia Basin College for Business Administration, and Central Washington University; did not graduate from either 0
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) WA-5 B.A., Pre-Law, Pensacola Christian College; MB.A., University of Washington 0
Norm Dicks (D) WA-6 B.A., Political Science, University of Washington; J.D., University of Washington 1
Jim McDermott (D) WA-7 B.S., General Science, Wheaton College; M.D., University of Illinois 0
Dave Reichert (R) WA-8 Assoc. Arts, Concordia Lutheran College 0
Adam Smith (D) WA-9 B.A., Political Science, Fordham University; J.D., University of Washington 1
Jay Rockefeller (D) WV-Senate B.A., Asian Languages and History, Harvard University 1961 0
Robert Byrd (D) WV-Senate J.D., American University 1963; B.A., Marshall University 1994 1
Alan Mollohan (D) WV-1 B.A., Political Science, College of William and Mary; J.D., West Virginia University 1
Shelley Moore Capito (R) WV-2 B.S., Zoology, Duke University; M.Ed. University of Virginia 1 0
Nick Rahall (D) WV-3 B.A., Political Science, Duke University 0
Herbert Kohl (D) WI-Senate B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison 1956; MB.A., Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration 1958 0
Russ Feingold (D) WI-Senate B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison 1975; B.A., Rhodes Scholar, Final Honours School of Jurisprudence, Oxford University 1977; J.D., Harvard Law School 1979 1
Paul Ryan (R) WI-1 B.A., Economics and Political Science, Miami University of Ohio 0
Tammy Baldwin (D) WI-2 B.A., Math and Government, Smith College; J.D., University of Wisconsin 1 1
Ron Kind (D) WI-3 AB, Harvard University; MA, Economics, London School of Economics; J.D., University of Minnesota 1
Gwen Moore (D) WI-4 B.A., Political Science, Marquette University 0
Jim Sensenbrenner (R) WI-5 B.A., Political Science, Stanford University; J.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison 1
Tom Petri (R) WI-6 AB, Government; J.D., Harvard University 1
Dave Obey (D) WI-7 B.A., MA, Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison 0
Steve Kagen (D) WI-8 B.S., Molecular Biology; M.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison 1 0
John Barrasso (R) WY-Senate B.S., Georgetown University 1974; MD, Georgetown University Medical School 1978 0
Michael Enzi (R) WY-Senate B.A., Accounting, George Washington University 1966; M.A., Retail Marketing, University of Denver 1968 0
Cynthia Lummis (R) WY-At-large B.S., Animal Science, B.S., Biology, J.D., University of Wyoming 1 1
Gaurav Sood
Education of Members of Congress
Note produced using the data at:
ed <- read.csv("cong.csv", header=T)
names(ed) <- tolower(names(ed))
# Clean Education
ed$cleaned <- clean(ed$education)
# Law Degrees
ed$law2 <- 0
ed$law2[grep("jd", ed$cleaned)] <- 1
# Party
ed$pid <- NA
ed$pid[grep("(D)", ed$name)] <- "d"
ed$pid[grep("(R)", ed$name)] <- "r"
ed$pid[grep("(I)", ed$name)] <- "i"
# Senate
ed$sen <- 0
ed$sen[grep("Senate", ed$district)] <- 1
# Proportion Law
sum(ed$law2 & ed$sen)
sum(ed$law2 & !ed$sen)/(nrow(ed) - 99)
sum(ed$law2[ed$pid=="r" & ed$sen==1])/sum(ed$pid=="r" & ed$sen==1)
sum(ed$law2[ed$pid=="d" & ed$sen==1])/sum(ed$pid=="d" & ed$sen==1)
sum(ed$law2[ed$pid=="r" & ed$sen==0])/sum(ed$pid=="r" & ed$sen==0)
sum(ed$law2[ed$pid=="d" & ed$sen==0])/sum(ed$pid=="d" & ed$sen==0)
# Proportion Science
sum(ed$science, na.rm=T)/nrow(ed)
sum(ed$science[ed$pid=="d"], na.rm=T)/sum(ed$pid=="d")
sum(ed$science[ed$pid=="r"], na.rm=T)/sum(ed$pid=="r")
# Proportion Harvard or Yale
length(ed$education[grep("harvard", ed$cleaned)])
# 13.7% Harvard, Yale, Stanford
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