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[Wilson] #Texans center Scott Quessenberry has torn his ACL and MCL, per a league source
Good thing we drafted two Centers lol
Between all of your centers, you still have 5 ACLs and 5 MCLs remaining...for a total of 10 CLs. That’s probably more than most teams.
This is the kind of hard hitting analysis that makes me love you
He says what we're all thinking.
Let us not forget the PCLs and LCLs.
Shit...there’s more CLs? What are those used for?
More knee shit. In all seriousness the LCL is opposite the MCL(both of which are on the sides), and the PCL is in the back of the knee, behind the ACL.
Don't forget the UCL! (Elbow)
There's also an RCL, but I've neved heard of an injury to it
You ready for absolute insanity? There's also UCL and RCLs in each thumb.
Just to expand a bit on the LCL and the PCL - the reason you almost never hear about them getting torn in football (and most sports, honestly) is that, given the biomechanics of the knee, it's incredibly unlikely to severely hurt either without completely fucking your knee up in the process. The last complete tear of either I can remember was Marcus Lattimore, for context (though please correct me on that if I'm wrong).
Thats almost as many as Real Madrid
The subtlety will be lost here but someone saw it
Growing up I never felt like I had enough CL's , so this is probably good
You can never have enough CLs.
what did your FO know? lol
That Quessenberry was really really bad last year lol He probably wasn't making the roster anyways. Most sacks allowed by a center last year, and pff had him at a 36.6 overall grade
Kinda crazy that both the Quessenberry on the Texans and the one on the Bills both got shit on for being really bad last year.
Well, we gave one of them Cancer as a rookie, and we took the ACL/MCL from the other one now. NFL is just funny like that
Looks like we also have 3 ols invited to camp that were udfas
They've had him as the starter all throughout camp so far which blew my mind given how bad he was last year
Maybe Quessenberry is setting up for a rookie of the year situation. Suffer an injury. Then, after coming coming out the cast, possess the ability to snap a football a hundred miles per hour.
Godbless everyone's mfuckin knees
I read this as McFuckin, and now I want a double cheeseburger
I'll take 2 McCumsots, no lettuce, add bacon, and large sweet tea
Brutal. Silver-lining: We get to hear Juice Scruggs’ name earlier and more often!
"And a JUICY block there from Scruggs"
Quite the Scruggy Block
I wanted Scruggs so bad
Good thing Zeke is still available.
That is a rough day
Is it Juice time?
God I hate training camp. It’s like the whole off-season, 100 dudes knees have just been waiting for the first opportunity to explode ☹️
Sorry for the injury, Houston
Probably better off without him. He's a serious liability when he plays.
He probably wasn’t earning the job but we’ve got a soft spot for all the Quessenberry brothers out there so I feel terrible for him.
That’s not ideal.
How many ACLs have been torn this week?
How many more CLs does this leave him?
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