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@sorah sorah/a.diff
Created Mar 18, 2014

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diff --git a/test/ruby/test_method.rb b/test/ruby/test_method.rb
index 2e3c2ae..f478e11 100644
--- a/test/ruby/test_method.rb
+++ b/test/ruby/test_method.rb
@@ -660,6 +660,7 @@ class TestMethod < Test::Unit::TestCase
assert_equal(__dir__, eval("__dir__", binding), bug8436)
bug8662 = '[ruby-core:56099] [Bug #8662]'
assert_equal("arbitrary", eval("__dir__", binding, "arbitrary/file.rb"), bug8662)
+ assert_equal("arbitrary","__dir__", "arbitrary/file.rb"), bug8662)
def test_alias_owner
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