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Super Mario Odyssey - mermaid flowchart.
graph TD
wooded[Wooded Kingdom<br><small>Iron Mt. Path Station 8</small>] --> luncheon
luncheon(Lunhceon Kingdom<br><small>Path to the Meat Platteau</small>) --> mushroom
mushroom(Mushroom Kingdom<br><small></small>) --> snow
snow(Snow Kingdom<br><small></small>) --> cascade
cascade(Cascade Kingdom<br><small></small>) --> bowser
bowser(Bowser's Kingdom<br><small></small>) --> seaside
seaside(Seaside Kingdom<br><small></small>) --> lake
lake(Lake Kingdom<br><small>Cortyard Flag</small>) --> sand
sand(Sand Kingdom<br><small>Tosterena Ruins Sand Pillar</small>) --> metro
metro(Metro Kingdom<br><small></small>) --> lake
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