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Created September 26, 2012 05:23
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Origin of "niecza"
2010. <@sorear> Hello masak
2010. <@sorear> I need your help naming something
2010. < masak> :)
2010. <@sorear> You seem to be good at it
2010. < masak> why, thanks.
2010. < masak> what is it?
2010. <@sorear> It's a Perl 6 implementation I'm hacking on
2010. < masak> oh, I read about that.
2010. < masak> tell me a bit more.
2010. <@sorear> I used to call it Sprixel/VICIL but it's veered quite far from diakopter's spec and I feel his name is no longer mine to use
2010. < masak> so what characterizes it?
2010. <@sorear> it targets the CLR. its experimental focus is static compilation support and CHECK time optimization
2010. < masak> nice.
2010. < masak> you could call it "Czech" :) and no-one would be able to spell it.
2010. <@sorear> Do you have something a little more unique?
2010. <@sorear> I suppose Czech is better than Go
2010. < masak> hm, maybe a variation of "Nie mamy czas" would be appropriately punny.
2010. < masak> I was also thinking along the lines of "Optimus Prime".
2010. < masak> but that's both a keyboard and a giant robot, so it'd have to be different somehow.
2010. < masak> maybe "Optimus Six"?
2010. < masak> still sounds more like a language than an implementation...
2010. <@mathw> # And you look like a victim of a surgical crime / A little Darth Vader a little Optimus Prime
2010. < masak> mathw: we listen to different kinds of music. :P
2010. <@mathw> So do I, but that song's funny
2010. <@mathw> also desperately sad
2010. * sorear wants something compact, cheery
2010. <@sorear> maybe I'll try Niecz
2010. <@sorear> (what's 'mamy')?
2010. < arnsholt> What's "Nie mamy czas"? =)
2010. < masak> it means "We don't have time" in Czech.
2010. <@mathw> O6
2010. < masak> sorear: you could call it "Maglev".
2010. < masak> (because it's fast, and has no friction)
2010. <@sorear> Niecza has a very good Google Uniqueness Quotient
2010. < masak> that's nice.
2010. < masak> looks a bit like "Nietzsche", too.
2010. <@sorear> and it has a nice semi-meaningful expansion, and it rolls like Rakudo or Yapsi or Sprixel
2010. * sorear takes
2010. <@sorear> thanks
2010. < masak> you're welcome.
2010. <@mathw> \o/
2010. -!- mode/#perl6 [+o masak] by mathw
2010. <@masak> phenny: tell jnthn lol we named sorear++'s Perl 6 implementation based on "Min man e kass" :P
2010. <+phenny> masak: I'll pass that on when jnthn is around.
2010. <@sorear> What's that?
2010. < kaare_> Nietzsche declared that God is dead. Perhaps Niecza will declare Perl5 to be dead ;-)
2010. <@masak> sorear: it's a song in Czech that somebody put Swedish subtitles on.
2010. <@masak> sorear:
2010. <@sorear> ah.
2010. <@masak> jnthn started his exploration of Swedish by forming sentences of the form "Min X är kass" -- "My X is broken/bad"
2010. <@masak> so don't be surprised if people send bug reports starting "Min Niecza e kass" :P
2010. <@sorear> Are Swedish and Czech closely related?
2010. <@masak> sorear: not in any immediate sense.
2010. <@masak> sorear: but there's a subculture/tradition here in Sweden (and to a lesser extent in the anglosphere) of subtitling lyrics which "sound like" Swedish if you don't listen too closely.
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