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Last active March 19, 2023 20:55
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Fly Cloud for Oban Auto Scaling
defmodule Oban.Pro.Clouds.Fly do
@moduledoc false
@behaviour Oban.Pro.Cloud
@enforce_keys [:app_id, :auth_token, :regions]
defstruct @enforce_keys
@url ""
@query """
mutation ScaleApp($input: ScaleAppInput!) {
scaleApp(input: $input) {
delta {
@impl Oban.Pro.Cloud
def init(opts) do
struct!(__MODULE__, opts)
@impl Oban.Pro.Cloud
def scale(quantity, %{app_id: app_id, auth_token: auth_token, regions: regions}) do
headers = [
{"Content-Type", "application/json"},
{"Accept", "application/json"},
{"Authorization", "Bearer #{auth_token}"}
regions =, &%{region: &1, count: quantity})
body = %{
query: @query,
variables: %{input: %{appId: app_id, regions: regions}}
}!(@url, json: body, headers: headers)
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