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~/.pronsolerc-rostock used for rostock calibration -c ~/.pronsolerc-rostock
set sliceoptscommand deslicer_pronterface_cfg
set slicecommand deslicer_pronterface $s $o
set port /dev/ttyUSB0
set baudrate 250000
set last_bed_temperature 105.0
set last_temperature 195.0
set xy_feedrate 3000
set z_feedrate 3000
set e_feedrate 50
macro home
macro A
g0 f13000 x-77.94 y-45 z0
macro B
g0 f13000 x77.94 y-45 z0
macro C
g0 f13000 x0 y90 z0
macro D
g0 f13000 x0 y0 z0
button 0 "home" home
button 1 "A" A
button 2 "B" B
button 3 "C" C
button 4 "D" D
set monitor True
set build_dimensions 200.00x200.00x100.00+0.00+0.00+0.00+0.00+0.00+0.00
set viz3d False
set tempgauges True
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