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Created Sep 28, 2013
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Send UDP packets from any custom port (using libnet). Used for UDP hole punching on linux servers (when the local UDP port is being used).
#!/usr/bin/env python
#encoding: utf-8
import libnet
from libnet.constants import RAW4, RESOLVE, IPV4_H, UDP_H, IPPROTO_UDP
IFACE = 'wlan2' # Sending via the interface.
def sendto(sport, address):
l = libnet.context(RAW4, IFACE)
dest_ip = l.name2addr4(address[0], RESOLVE)
l.build_udp(sp=sport, dp=address[1],
l.autobuild_ipv4(len=(IPV4_H + UDP_H),
prot=IPPROTO_UDP, dst=dest_ip)
if __name__ == '__main__':
sendto(6000, ('', 6001))
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