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TextureMapping Speedup OpenMP
// TODO handle case were no face could be projected
if (visibility.size () - cpt_invisible !=0)
//create kdtree
pcl::KdTreeFLANN<pcl::PointXY> kdtree;
kdtree.setInputCloud (projections);
// af first (idx_pcan < current_cam), check if some of the faces attached to previous cameras occlude the current faces
// then (idx_pcam == current_cam), check for self occlusions. At this stage, we skip faces that were already marked as occluded
cpt_invisible = 0;
for (int idx_pcam = 0 ; idx_pcam <= current_cam ; ++idx_pcam)
// project all faces
#pragma omp parallel for shared(visibility,cpt_invisible)
for (int idx_face = 0; idx_face < static_cast<int> (mesh.tex_polygons[idx_pcam].size ()); ++idx_face)
std::vector<int> idxNeighbors;
std::vector<float> neighborsSquaredDistance;
if (idx_pcam == current_cam && !visibility[idx_face])
// we are now checking for self occlusions within the current faces
// the current face was already declared as occluded.
// therefore, it cannot occlude another face anymore => we skip it
// project each vertice, if one is out of view, stop
pcl::PointXY uv_coord1;
pcl::PointXY uv_coord2;
pcl::PointXY uv_coord3;
if (isFaceProjected (cameras[current_cam],
// face is in the camera's FOV
//get its circumsribed circle
double radius;
pcl::PointXY center;
// getTriangleCircumcenterAndSize (uv_coord1, uv_coord2, uv_coord3, center, radius);
getTriangleCircumcscribedCircleCentroid(uv_coord1, uv_coord2, uv_coord3, center, radius); // this function yields faster results than getTriangleCircumcenterAndSize
// get points inside
if (kdtree.radiusSearch (center, radius, idxNeighbors, neighborsSquaredDistance) > 0 )
// for each neighbor
for (size_t i = 0; i < idxNeighbors.size (); ++i)
if (std::max (camera_cloud->points[mesh.tex_polygons[idx_pcam][idx_face].vertices[0]].z,
std::max (camera_cloud->points[mesh.tex_polygons[idx_pcam][idx_face].vertices[1]].z,
< camera_cloud->points[indexes_uv_to_points[idxNeighbors[i]].idx_cloud].z)
// neighbor is farther than all the face's points. Check if it falls into the triangle
if (checkPointInsideTriangle(uv_coord1, uv_coord2, uv_coord3, projections->points[idxNeighbors[i]]))
// current neighbor is inside triangle and is closer => the corresponding face
#pragma omp critical(dataupdate)
visibility[indexes_uv_to_points[idxNeighbors[i]].idx_face] = false;
//TODO we could remove the projections of this face from the kd-tree cloud, but I fond it slower, and I need the point to keep ordered to querry UV coordinates later
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