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How to get a stack trace from a stuck/hanging python script

How to get a stack trace for each thread in a running Python script

Sometimes a Python script will simply hang forever with no indication of what is going wrong. Perhaps it's polling a service that will never return a value that allows the program to move forward.

Here's a way to see where the program is currently stuck, using pyrasite a tool for injecting code into running Python processes.

Install gdb and pyrasite

Install gdb.

# Redhat, CentOS, etc
$ yum install gdb

# Ubuntu, Debian, etc
$ apt-get update && apt-get install gdb

Install pyrasite, for example with pip (in a virtual environment):

$ pip install pyrasite

Inspect running process with pyrasite

Find the process ID for the stuck Python process and run pyrasite-shell with it.

# Assuming process ID is 12345
$ pyrasite-shell 12345

You should now see a Python REPL. Run the following in the REPL to see stack traces for all threads.

import sys, traceback

def show_thread_stacks():
    for thread_id, frame in sys._current_frames().items():
        print('\n--- Stack for thread {t} ---'.format(t=thread_id))
        traceback.print_stack(frame, file=sys.stdout)


Just press up and enter to run it again.


Alternatively, save that snippet in a file (e.g. and inject that into the running process:

# Assuming process ID is 12345
$ pyrasite 12345

It's important to note that the stack traces will now show up in the standard output of the running process and not in your current shell like with pyrasite-shell.


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@ayaka14732 ayaka14732 commented Aug 31, 2020

pyrasite-shell hangs on Arch Linux and openSUSE. This change would make it work: lmacken/pyrasite#75 (comment)


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@gerritholl gerritholl commented Feb 9, 2021

On CentOS 7.6 the interactive version fails for me with:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/pytroll/pytroll_inst/miniconda3/envs/pytroll-py38/bin/pyrasite-shell", line 8, in <module>
  File "/opt/pytroll/pytroll_inst/miniconda3/envs/pytroll-py38/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pyrasite/tools/", line 61, in shell
    payload = ipc.recv()
  File "/opt/pytroll/pytroll_inst/miniconda3/envs/pytroll-py38/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pyrasite/", line 174, in recv
    header_data = self.recv_bytes(4)
  File "/opt/pytroll/pytroll_inst/miniconda3/envs/pytroll-py38/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pyrasite/", line 187, in recv_bytes
    chunk = self.sock.recv(n - len(data))
socket.timeout: timed out

the non-interactive version shows no traceback, but nothing is written to the stdout of the running process (which is running as a supervisord subprocess).

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