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sp1187/kazewall.asm Secret

Created Mar 27, 2018
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//original code by Kaze
//walls on no triangle grounded 80255b9c
//walls on invis wall grounded 80255c44
//251708 writes new values for speed and rotation
//80256b24 returns 2 for invis walls and 0 if its fine?
//802560ac stores 2 on sü+0x18 which gets returned above, modfy this?
//8025634c decides that v0 is dead
//80380e8c seems to move mario, somehow resets his pos if hes above a ceiling
//802563d8 actually moves mario
//80256278 needs to be changed to branch if its a false alarm
.headersize 0x80245000
//(make ceilings push mario outwards)
.org 0x802562a0
jal second //adds RA by AC if no ceiling available
lw t0, 0x0050 (sp)
mtc1 r0, f18
lwc1 f16, 0x004c (t0)
c.le.s f18, f16
bc1f 0x80256308
swc1 f18, 0x004c (t0)
.org 0x8029bf64
lui t0, 0x8034
lw t1, 0xb1d4 (t0)
beq t1, r0, @@yes
lh t2, 0x0008 (t1)
sll t2, t2, 0x2 //only needed with extended boundaries?
mtc1 t2, f4
cvt.s.w f4, f4
lwc1 f14, 0xb1b0 (t0) f4, f14
bc1t @@yes
li at, 200.0
mtc1 at, f0
add.s f14, f14, f0
lh t2, 0x0006 (t1)
sll t2, t2, 0x2 //only needed with extended boundaries?
mtc1 t2, f4
cvt.s.w f4, f4 f14, f4
bc1f @@end
addiu ra, ra, 0x00ac
jr ra
lui t0, 0x8034
lw t1, 0xb1d4 (t0)
li at, 50.0
mtc1 at, f6
lwc1 f2, 0x001c (t1)
mul.s f2, f2, f6
lwc1 f4, 0x0024 (t1)
mul.s f4, f4, f6
lwc1 f0, 0xb1ac (t0)
add.s f0, f0, f2
swc1 f0, 0xb1ac (t0)
lwc1 f0, 0xb1b4 (t0)
add.s f0, f0, f4
swc1 f0, 0xb1b4 (t0)
//add some push here
jr ra
.org 0x80255c44
jal groundedwalls
li v0, 0
.org 0x8029c030
addiu ra, ra, 0x0000
jr ra
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