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Last active Dec 23, 2015
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(defn java->clj
"Recursively transforms Java arrays into Clojure vectors, and Java Maps into
Clojure persistent maps. With option ':keywordize-keys true' will convert
keys from strings to keywords."
([x] (java->clj x :keywordize-keys false))
([x & opts]
(let [{:keys [keywordize-keys]} opts
keyfn (if keywordize-keys keyword identity)
f (fn thisfn [x]
(seq? x)
(doall (map thisfn x))
(coll? x)
(into (empty x) (map thisfn x))
(instance? java.util.List x)
(vec (map thisfn x))
(instance? java.util.Map x)
(into {} (for [[k v] x] [(keyfn k) (thisfn v)]))
:else x))]
(f x))))
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