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Idiomatic React Testing Patterns

Idiomatic React Testing Patterns

Testing React components seems simple at first. Then you need to test something that isn't a pure interaction and things seem to break down. These 4 patterns should help you write readable, flexible tests for the type of component you are testing.


I recommend doing all setup in the most functional way possible. If you can avoid it, don't set variables in a beforeEach. This will help ensure tests are isolated and make things a bit easier to reason about. I use a pattern that gives great defaults for each test example but allows every example to override props when needed:

KushalP / .tmux.reset.conf
Created Aug 14, 2013
If someone's added their own tmux config in /etc/tmux.conf this will reset all key bindings to the default for tmux
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# First remove *all* keybindings
unbind-key -a
# Now reinsert all the regular tmux keys
bind-key C-b send-prefix
bind-key C-o rotate-window
bind-key C-z suspend-client
bind-key Space next-layout
bind-key ! break-pane
bind-key \" split-window