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Helper to debug SwiftUI view lifecycle and redraw
import SwiftUI
public struct DebugView<MainView: View>: View {
private let view: MainView
private let logType: LogType
private enum LogType {
case onlyDescription(String)
case descriptionAndDumpView(String)
case dumpView
private var about: String {
switch logType {
case let .onlyDescription(description):
return "\(description)"
case let .descriptionAndDumpView(description):
return "\(description): \(view)"
case .dumpView:
return "\(view)"
public init(view: MainView, description: String?, dumpView: Bool = true) {
self.view = view
if let description = description {
if dumpView {
logType = .descriptionAndDumpView(description)
} else {
logType = .onlyDescription(description)
} else {
logType = .dumpView
print("init: \(about)")
public var body: some View {
print("body: \(about)")
return view
extension View {
public func debug() -> DebugView<Self> {
return DebugView(view: self, description: nil)
public func debug(_ description: String, dumpView: Bool = false) -> DebugView<Self> {
return DebugView(
view: self,
description: description,
dumpView: dumpView
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