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PHP script to scrape spot instance pricing data from Amazon AWS and display cheapest region for each instance tyoe
// Copyright Simon Briggs 2016
// Licensed under the Gnu Lesser General Public License
// Get pricing data from Amazon
// (For better performance get the data and cache it with a cron job)
$data = file_get_contents("");
// Trim off the JSONP function to give us propert JSON
$data = substr($data, 9, strlen($data)-10);
$parsed_data = json_decode($data, true);
$regions = $parsed_data["config"]["regions"];
// Declare a variable to hold the output array
// Iterate through the regions
foreach ($regions as $region)
foreach ($region["instanceTypes"] as $instanceTypes)
foreach ($instanceTypes["sizes"] as $instanceSizes)
if(!isset($cheapest[$instanceSizes["size"]])) {
// Create an entry for this instance size if it doesn't already exist
$cheapest[$instanceSizes["size"]] = ["nowhere",PHP_INT_MAX];
$price = floatval($instanceSizes["valueColumns"][0]["prices"]["USD"]);
// If the price of this instance in this region is cheaper than the previous cheapest region, store this region and price
if($price>0 && floatval($cheapest[$instanceSizes["size"]][1]) > $price ) {
$cheapest[$instanceSizes["size"]] = [$region["region"],$price,$instanceSizes["size"]];
<td>Instance type</td>
<td>Price (USD)</td>
foreach($cheapest as $cheap)
echo ('<tr><td>' . $cheap[2] . '</td><td>' . trim($cheap[0]) . '</td><td>' . $cheap[1] . '</td></tr>');
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