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DrRacket Keyboard shortcuts

C-‹key› means press the Control key

M-‹key› (MacOS: [Esc] followed by but can also be set to [⌘]command or ALT ([⌥]option))

But these are not in the 'Show Keybindings' dialog;

The modifier identifiers are:

s: — All platforms: Shift

c: — All platforms: Control

a: — Mac OS: Option

m: — Windows: Alt; Unix: Meta; Mac OS: Command, when map-command-as-meta-key produces #t

d: — Mac OS: Command

l: — All platforms: Caps Lock

g: — Windows: Control plus Alt as AltGr; see get-control+meta-is-altgr in key-event%

?: — All platforms: allow match to character produced by opposite use of Shift, AltGr/Option, and/or Caps Lock, when available; see get-other-shift-key-code in key-event%

sequences ;

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0017031 commented Mar 4, 2022

What dose the "~" (tilde) mean?
for example :
backward-word (~c:m:b)

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spdegabrielle commented Mar 4, 2022

The "~" (tilde) means 'not' - in this case not the ctrl key
m:b is backward word
c:m:b is backward s-exp

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0017031 commented Mar 9, 2022

thank you! This is another "a-ha" moment for me.

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