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Spencer spencercarter

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spencercarter /
Last active Jan 28, 2018
Sample code to create silent permission failure in xgboost 0.4
import xgboost as xgb
import numpy as np
from subprocess import call
# Initialize
X = np.random.normal(size=[10, 5])
y = np.random.randint(0,2,10)
dtrain = xgb.DMatrix(X, label=y)
# Model
spencercarter /
Last active Nov 16, 2018
Gists containing code to run the Models as a Web Service blog post
# Part 1: Model
import sklearn as sk
import numpy as np
from sklearn.datasets import load_boston
from sklearn.linear_model import LassoCV
import pandas as pd
from flask import Flask
from flask import request
import requests
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