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@sphvn sphvn/traverse.js
Last active Dec 22, 2019

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Recursively traverse object javascript, recurse json js, loop and get key/value pair for JSON
var traverse = function(o, fn) {
for (var i in o) {
if (o[i] !== null && typeof(o[i])=="object") {
traverse(o[i], fn);
// usage
var obj = {'your':'object'};
traverse(obj, function(k,v){
console.log(k + " : " + v);

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orlaqp commented Jul 16, 2018

Simple Awesome!!! Thanks!

Here is a small modification (Typescript) in case someone finds it useful also

export function traverse(o: any, fn: (obj: any, prop: string, value: any) => void) {
    for (const i in o) {
        fn.apply(this, [o, i, o[i]]);
        if (o[i] !== null && typeof(o[i]) === 'object') {
            traverse(o[i], fn);

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moslemsaid commented Oct 1, 2019


thanks ;-)

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