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Binary classifier
"""Honeypot classifier. Based on"""
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from keras.utils import to_categorical
from keras.models import Sequential
from keras.layers import Dense, Dropout
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split
pd.options.mode.chained_assignment = None
FILENAME = '../data/honeypot_dataset.csv'
ALL_FEATURES = ['ruri',
CATEGORICAL = ['ruri',
LABEL_ENCODED_FEATURES = ['ruri_user', 'from_user', 'to_user', 'contact_user', 'user_agent', 'source_ip', 'contact_ip']
CONTINUOUS = ['source_port', 'destination_port', 'contact_port']
DROPPED_FEATURES = ['destination_port', 'ruri', 'ruri_domain', 'from_domain', 'callid', 'from_tag', 'content_type']
SIP_SCANNERS = ('sipcli/v1.8', 'pplsip')
_USER_AGENT = 'user_agent'
LABEL = 'toll_fraud'
MODEL_NAME = 'honeypot.json'
MODEL_WEIGHTS = 'honeypot.h5'
def save_model(model):
:param model: A Keras model.
model_json = model.to_json()
with open(MODEL_NAME, "w") as json_file:
# serialize weights to HDF5
print("Saved model to disk")
def _to_string(value):
"""Returns a string type based on value variable type.
Since we handle multiple languages we need to return a string type to write
in file human readable character.
value: (None, str or unicode)
A str or None if no input.
if not value:
print('Empty value')
return None
if isinstance(value, unicode):
return value.encode('utf-8')
return str(value)
class HoneypotData(object):
"""Honeypot Data
This class will contain the entire data pipeline from raw data to prepared
numpy arrays. It's eventually inherited by the model class, but is left
distinct for readbility and logical organization.
filepath = '../data/'
train_fn = 'honeypot_dataset.csv'
test_fn = 'honeypot_test.csv'
def __init__(self):
""" Initializes and process all pipeline."""
self.X_train, self.y_train, self.X_valid, self.y_valid = self.preproc()
def preproc(self):
"""Process data pipeline."""
# Import Data & Drop irrelevant features.
dataset = self.import_data(self.train_fn, drop=True)
# Fix NA values.
dataset = self.fix_na(dataset)
# Feature Engineering.
dataset = self.engineer_features(dataset)
# Process Categorical values processing.
dataset = self.process_categorical(dataset)
# Select all columns except target.
X = dataset[dataset.columns.difference([LABEL])]
y = dataset[LABEL]
# Split training and test datasets.
X_train, X_valid, y_train, y_valid = train_test_split(X, y, test_size=0.25, random_state=606, stratify=y)
return X_train.astype('float32'), y_train.values, X_valid.astype('float32'), y_valid.values
def import_data(self, filename, drop=True):
"""Import that data and then split it into train/test sets. Make sure to stratify.
This stratify parameter makes a split so that the proportion of values in the sample produced will be the same
as the proportion of values provided to parameter stratify.
For example, if variable y is a binary categorical variable with values 0 and 1 and there are 25% of zeros
and 75% of ones, stratify=y will make sure that your random split has 25% of 0's and 75% of 1's.
filename: (str) filename to read data from as Pandas.dataframe.
drop: (bool) Drop features.
A Pandas.dataframe.
dataset = pd.read_csv('%s%s' % (self.filepath, filename))
if drop:
# Drop irrelevant features.
return dataset.drop(DROPPED_FEATURES, axis=1)
return dataset
def fix_na(self, dataset):
"""Fill na's with test (in the case of contact_user), and with application/sdp in the case of content_type."""
na_vars = {"contact_user": "test", "content_type": "application/sdp"}
return dataset.fillna(na_vars)
def engineer_features(self, dataset):
"""Modify some features."""
dataset['is_scanner'] = 0 # Initialize to no/0 is scanner.
dataset['is_scanner'].loc[dataset[_USER_AGENT].isin(SIP_SCANNERS)] = 1 # The rest are 0.
return dataset
def process_categorical(self, dataset):
:param dataset:
# Label Encoding.
for categorical_feature in LABEL_ENCODED_FEATURES:
categorical_feature = _to_string(categorical_feature)
dataset[categorical_feature] = dataset[categorical_feature].astype('category')
dataset[categorical_feature + '_cat'] = dataset[categorical_feature]
# Drop previous values.
dataset = dataset.drop(LABEL_ENCODED_FEATURES, axis=1)
# Rename back categories. {'to_user_cat': 'to_user' ... }
dataset.rename(columns={c + '_cat': c for c in LABEL_ENCODED_FEATURES}, inplace=True)
return dataset
def preproc_test(self):
"""Pre-process testing data."""
# Import data
test = self.import_data(self.test_fn, drop=True)
# Extract labels.
# Drop previous values.
test[_USER_AGENT] = test[_USER_AGENT].astype('category')
test['user_agent_cat'] = test[_USER_AGENT]
print test[['user_agent_cat', _USER_AGENT]].head()
test = test.drop([_USER_AGENT], axis=1)
test.rename(columns={'user_agent_cat': _USER_AGENT}, inplace=True)
labels = test.user_agent.values
# Fix NA values.
test = self.fix_na(test)
# Feature Engineering
test = self.engineer_features(test)
# Process Categorical values processing.
test = self.process_categorical(test)
print test.columns
return labels, test
class HoneypotKeras(HoneypotData):
"""Main classifier model based in Keras."""
def __init__(self):
self.X_train, self.y_train, self.X_valid, self.y_valid = self.preproc()
self.y_train, self.y_valid = to_categorical(self.y_train), to_categorical(self.y_valid)
self.feature_count = self.X_train.shape[1]
self.history = []
def build_model(self):
print 'Feature count: %d' % self.feature_count
model = Sequential()
model.add(Dense(2056, input_shape=(self.feature_count,), activation='relu'))
model.add(Dense(1028, activation='relu'))
model.add(Dense(1028, activation='relu'))
model.add(Dense(512, activation='relu'))
model.add(Dense(2, activation='sigmoid'))
self.model = model
def fit(self, lr=0.001, epochs=1): = lr
hist =, self.y_train,
batch_size=32, epochs=epochs,
verbose=1, validation_data=(self.X_valid, self.y_valid),
def prepare_submission(self, name):
labels, test_data = self.preproc_test()
predictions = self.model.predict(test_data)
subm = pd.DataFrame(np.column_stack([labels, np.around(predictions[:, 1])]).astype('int32'),
columns=[_USER_AGENT, LABEL])
subm.to_csv('%s.csv' % name, index=False)
return subm
model = HoneypotKeras()
model.build_model(), epochs=1), epochs=10)
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