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WordPress get SVG file contents
<?php echo file_get_contents( get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/img/icons/your-logo-file.svg' ); ?>
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npetryk commented Dec 3, 2019

Wont using the .._uri() variant make file_get_contents fetch the file over the network, rather than from the filesystem? It seems like using get_stylesheet_directory() with file_get_contents is a bit better

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deavy commented Feb 11, 2020

Since Wordpres 4.7.0 there is cleaner way for getting files from parent/child theme using these function:

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jessedmatlock commented Dec 3, 2021

Also, try using get_template_directory() instead of get_template_directory_uri()

Use something like:
<?php echo file_get_contents(get_template_directory().'/theme/img/chevron-right-solid.svg'); ?>

Sometimes using get_template_directory_uri() will throw an SSL error

Then, you can target the SVG and style how you wish.
For example:

<button class="btn btn-primary">
  <?php echo file_get_contents(get_template_directory().'/theme/img/chevron-right-solid.svg'); ?>

CSS might be:

.btn svg { line-height: 1.2; max-height: 1rem;}

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