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Last active December 30, 2016 09:20
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Go to, start the experience and run this code in the console
document.getElementById( 'loading' ).style.display = 'none';
var speed = .001; // changes the rate of rotation
var distance = 4; // changes the distance the point travels
function _update() {
bAmDrawing = true;
lastMouseX = 0; lastMouseY = 0;
var a = speed *;
var x = distance * Math.cos( a );
var y = distance * Math.sin( a );
stage.mousemove( { data: { global : { x: x, y: y } } } )
function _animate() {
setTimeout( _animate, 1000 );
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But before executing, select the execution context to draw-container as the actual script needs to run inside the correct iframe

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spite commented Dec 16, 2016

Right, when starting from the main page.
The instructions say "go to", to skip the embed altogether.

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Oh, I had it open already and haven't noticed that the URL was different, my bad! Thanks :)

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