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Example of modRest, a REST Client, in MODX 2.3.
$config = array(
'baseUrl' => rtrim('','/'),
'format' => 'json', // json or xml, the format to request
'suppressSuffix' => false, // if false, will append .json or .xml to the URI requested
'username' => 'myuser', // if set, will use cURL auth to authenticate user
'password' => 'mypass',
'curlOptions' => array(
'timeout' => 30, // cURL timeout
'otherCurlOption' => 1,
'headers' => array(
// any HTTP headers to be sent
'userAgent' => 'MODX RestClient/1.0.0',
'defaultParameters' => array(
'api_key' => 'if i want an api key passed always for every request',
'other_parameter' => 'these are always sent',
$client = new modRest($modx,$config);
$result = $client->post('people',array('name' => 'Joe'));
$response = $result->process();
$id = $response['id'];
// PUT
$client->put('people/'.$id,array('name' => 'Joe','email' => ''));
$client->get('people',array('id' => $id));
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Cool, I use it, thank you for nice gist!
One note though: in curlOptions it is better to use CURLOPT_* settings instead of modX aliases as all of those parameters get passed to CURL. It leads to silently failing curl_setopt_array (as it doesn't recognize the option timeout) and the whole CURL request fails with indistinct error message No URL set!.

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