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object Foo {
def withTls(hostname: String, ciphers: Array[String]): Client = {
val socketAddressToEngine: SocketAddress => Engine = {
case sa: InetSocketAddress =>
val c = Ssl.client(hostname, sa.getPort)
case _ =>
val c = Ssl.client()
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package com.twitter.finagle.netty3.proxy
import com.twitter.finagle._
import com.twitter.finagle.client.Transporter
import com.twitter.finagle.client.Transporter.Credentials
import com.twitter.util.Base64StringEncoder
import{InetSocketAddress, SocketAddress}
import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReference
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// Scala 2.11.6-2.11.8
object WeirdCompileError {
import java.util
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest
// In HttpServletRequest: public Enumeration<String> getHeaderNames();
// Error
import com.twitter.util.Function;
public class Test {
public void test() {
final PartialFunction<Tuple2<Object, Try<Response>>, scala.Boolean> decider =
new Function<Tuple2<Object,Try<Response>>, Boolean>() {
public scala.Boolean apply(Tuple2<Object, Try<Response>> v1) {
if (v1._2().isReturn()) {
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* Wraps two services in a new service which checks whether the {{primaryService}} is
* available and uses it when it is available. Otherwise, it will use the {{backupService}}.
class FailoveringService[Req, Rep](primaryService: Service[Req, Rep],
backupService: Service[Req, Rep])
extends Service[Req, Rep] {
override def apply(request: Req) =
import com.twitter.finagle.Service;
import com.twitter.util.Future;
import com.twitter.util.Promise;
import rx.Observable;
import rx.Observer;
import rx.Subscription;
public class Convert {
static public <Res> Future<Res> fromObservable(final Observable<Res> observable) {
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package com.twitter.finagle.httpx
import com.twitter.finagle._
import com.twitter.util.{Await, Future}
import org.junit.runner.RunWith
import org.scalatest.junit.JUnitRunner
import org.scalatest.{FunSuite, ShouldMatchers}
import scala.compat.Platform
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package nl.spockz.spray.routing.generator
import spray.routing.Route
object Generator {
def fromJaxRsAnnotatedPackage(packageName: String) : Route = _ => Unit
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Section *cycling = [[Section alloc] initWithName:@"fietsen" NamedThumb:@"Icon_fietsen.png" andDataURL:@""];
Section *walking = [[Section alloc] init]; = @"wandelen";
walking.thumb = [UIImage imageNamed:@"Icon_wandelen.png"];
walking.dataUrl = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
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