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Xcode build lipo script
# define output folder environment variable
# Step 1. Build Device and Simulator versions
xcodebuild -target ${PROJECT_NAME} ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO -configuration ${CONFIGURATION} -sdk iphoneos BUILD_DIR="${BUILD_DIR}"
BUILD_ROOT="${BUILD_ROOT}" xcodebuild -target ${PROJECT_NAME} -configuration ${CONFIGURATION} -sdk iphonesimulator -arch i386 BUILD_DIR="${BUILD_DIR}" BUILD_ROOT="${BUILD_ROOT}"
# make sure the output directory exists
# Step 2. Create universal binary file using lipo
lipo -create -output "${UNIVERSAL_OUTPUTFOLDER}/lib${PROJECT_NAME}.a" "${BUILD_DIR}/${CONFIGURATION}-iphoneos/lib${PROJECT_NAME}.a" "${BUILD_DIR}/${CONFIGURATION}-iphonesimulator/lib${PROJECT_NAME}.a"
# Last touch. copy the header files. Just for convenience
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KiranPanesar commented Apr 23, 2014

Looks like you need to append a $ to some of {PROJECT_NAME} in lines 5 and 6?

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sponno commented May 29, 2014

Thanks, have added the $. Good spotting.

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ThinkChaos commented Jul 6, 2014

Also you should double quote every single variable just in case.
My project has a space in it's name. It's a good thing I know shell scripts because this can cause a major headache!

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