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Helpful tools to concentrate on important things

Helpful tools to concentrate on important things

It's a bundle of documentation of languages, projects and other stuff. Easily searchable and can be used offline.



Easily test APIs, AJAX requests with postman (Chrome App): (also possible via Chrome WebTools)


  • Shortcuts
    • Double shift for accessing quick search
    • CMD/Ctrl+Shift+A for accessing actions like e.g. "Replacing quotes"
  • Live Templates
    • PHP live templates for creating functions or control structures
    • User defined live templates for creating e.g. current timestamps
    • A setup of live templates for creating tests for setter and getter
  • Click on the green bar on the left to revert changes (only working with versioning)
  • Presentation mode
  • Plugin "key promoter" to get a short notify which key shortcut you should have used
  • You can setup the CGL you want in the editor. For new TYPO3 code the standard is PSR-1/PSR-2
  • Alt + enter gives you specific possibilities to change code
  • Help > Productivity Guide
  • Settings Repository (share Settings in team)
  • Support for multiple repositories in your project in Settings > Version Control (just add your path to the repo)
  • Plugins
    • TypoScript Plugin - for TypoScript autocomplete
    • TYPO3 CMS Plugin - advanced integration for e.g. $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB'] and ObjectManager
    • Php Inspections (EA Extended) - advanced inspections for better and more secure code
    • PHP composer.json support - complete integration of Composer incl. package autocompletion
    • Jenkins Control Plugin - watch all Jenkins Jobs and run them directly from PhpStorm
    • .ignore - support for .gitignore files (will be greyed out if ignored)


  • Productivity tool for using workflows to get things fast and easy.
  • Download: (for free, with all features one-time £17)
  • Workflows:
  • My workflows
  • One can create own workflows very easy
  • Clipboard feature


Ultimate package manager for MacOS X


Sequel Pro

Best tool for managing databases (incl. exports/imports)



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kartolo commented Sep 2, 2016

For offline documentation on Mac I can recommend Dash App. It costs a bit, but works perfectly :) There's a workflow for Alfred too, so you can search in Alfred.

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@kartolo: is also available offline. :)

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We use a .editorconfig file in our projects in combination with a PhpStorm plugin to enforce CGL for all type of files. EditorConfig is available for a large number of editors and IDEs.

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peterkraume commented Sep 10, 2016

HeidiSQL for Windows as alternative to SequelPro:

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Alfred Workflow for translation:

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Shupal commented Sep 12, 2016

cross platform git gui client:

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Copy link workflow for alfredapp:

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theLine commented Nov 5, 2017

See changes in commit message:

git commit -v --status

Standalone Clipboard Manager

Oh My Zsh
Command Line Power User by @wesbos

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