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Using React inside Elm

Register Element

First you will need document-register-element

yarn add document-register-element

Add script to register elements

Create a JS function to register React Components as Custom elements. See registerCustomElement.js below

Register the elements

e.g. HelloComponentCustomElement.jsx

import registerCustomElement from "registerCustomElement"

function HelloComponent(props) {
  return (

registerCustomElement(CustomComponent, "hello-component")

Import this script in your app

e.g. in App.js

// Custom Elements
import "app/widgets/HelloComponentCustomElement.jsx"

Use the custom element in Elm

e.g. in View.Elm

node "hello-component" [ attribute "some-prop" encodedJsonValue ] []
// @flow
// Adapted from
import "document-register-element"
import bows from "bows"
import React from "react"
import ReactDOM from "react-dom"
import rollbar from "shared/services/rollbar"
const log = bows("registerCustomElement")
function render(ComponentClass: React$ComponentType<any>) {
return function() {
const attributesCopy = []
const props = attributesCopy.reduce((attrs, attr) => {
attrs[attr.nodeName] = attr.nodeValue
return attrs
}, {})
<ComponentClass {...props} />, this
function detach() {
function created() {
// Flow requires createdCallback
// TODO: Type ComponentClass properly
function registerCustomElement(ComponentClass: any, tagName: string) {
const elementPrototype = Object.create(HTMLElement.prototype)
elementPrototype.attachedCallback = render(ComponentClass)
elementPrototype.attributeChangedCallback = render(ComponentClass)
elementPrototype.detachedCallback = detach
elementPrototype.createdCallback = created
try {
return document.registerElement(tagName || ComponentClass.displayName, {
prototype: elementPrototype,
} catch(e) {
export default registerCustomElement
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