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Compare timestamps of elmi files
This script compares timestamp of elmi files
To try getting files that take a long time to compile
But this attempt has proven very useful
var fs = require("fs")
var path = require("path")
var dir = "./elm-stuff/build-artifacts/0.18.0/Versent/stax/1.0.0/";
var files = fs.readdirSync(dir);
var wantedExtension = ".elmi"
var previousTime = 0
function getFileTime(name) {
return fs.statSync(dir + name).mtime.getTime()
files.sort(function(a, b) {
return getFileTime(a) - getFileTime(b);
files = files.filter(function(name) {
var ext = path.extname(name)
return ext == wantedExtension
files.forEach(function(name) {
var time = getFileTime(name)
var thisTime = time - previousTime
if (thisTime > 800) console.log(name, thisTime)
previousTime = time
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