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Created January 5, 2021 09:23
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import {useEffect} from 'react'
import {RecoilRoot, useRecoilState, atom} from 'recoil'
// User data
const user1 = {username: 'joe', bio: "You will never see me, unless of course this example is totally broken."}
const user2 = {username: 'bob', bio: "I am the one true user."}
const user3 = {username: 'fred', bio: "Just kidding, make way for the new guy."}
// Recoil atom to store user. The default user is user1, but it will be
// replaced when the effect runs
const userState = atom({
key: 'user',
default: user1,
effects_UNSTABLE: [
({setSelf}) => {
// Component to display user info
function User() {
const [user, setUser] = useRecoilState(userState)
// Show recoil is alive by setting to user3 after a bit
useEffect(() =>
setTimeout(() => setUser(user3), 2000)
, [])
return <div>
<strong className='username'>{user.username}</strong>
<p className='bio'>{}</p>
export default function Home() {
return (
<User />
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