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Last active June 21, 2022 14:36
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import torch
from torch import nn
from torch.autograd import Variable
import torch.nn.functional as F
class RNN(nn.Module):
def __init__(self, input_size, hidden_size, output_size, n_layers=1):
super(RNN, self).__init__()
self.input_size = input_size
self.hidden_size = hidden_size
self.output_size = output_size
self.n_layers = n_layers
self.c1 = nn.Conv1d(input_size, hidden_size, 2)
self.p1 = nn.AvgPool1d(2)
self.c2 = nn.Conv1d(hidden_size, hidden_size, 1)
self.p2 = nn.AvgPool1d(2)
self.gru = nn.GRU(hidden_size, hidden_size, n_layers, dropout=0.01)
self.out = nn.Linear(hidden_size, output_size)
def forward(self, inputs, hidden):
batch_size = inputs.size(1)
# Turn (seq_len x batch_size x input_size) into (batch_size x input_size x seq_len) for CNN
inputs = inputs.transpose(0, 1).transpose(1, 2)
# Run through Conv1d and Pool1d layers
c = self.c1(inputs)
p = self.p1(c)
c = self.c2(p)
p = self.p2(c)
# Turn (batch_size x hidden_size x seq_len) back into (seq_len x batch_size x hidden_size) for RNN
p = p.transpose(1, 2).transpose(0, 1)
p = F.tanh(p)
output, hidden = self.gru(p, hidden)
conv_seq_len = output.size(0)
output = output.view(conv_seq_len * batch_size, self.hidden_size) # Treating (conv_seq_len x batch_size) as batch_size for linear layer
output = F.tanh(self.out(output))
output = output.view(conv_seq_len, -1, self.output_size)
return output, hidden
input_size = 20
hidden_size = 50
output_size = 7
batch_size = 5
n_layers = 2
seq_len = 15
rnn = RNN(input_size, hidden_size, output_size, n_layers=n_layers)
inputs = Variable(torch.rand(seq_len, batch_size, input_size)) # seq_len x batch_size x
outputs, hidden = rnn(inputs, None)
print('outputs', outputs.size()) # conv_seq_len x batch_size x output_size
print('hidden', hidden.size()) # n_layers x batch_size x hidden_size
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Awesome explaination.

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