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Han You sqd

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rofi usage:
rofi [-options ...]
Command line only options:
-no-config Do not load configuration, use default values.
-v,-version Print the version number and exit.
-dmenu Start in dmenu mode.
-display [string] X server to contact.
-h,-help This help message.
sqd /
Created Aug 8, 2018 — forked from alexellis/
ffmpeg time-lapse

Convert sequence of JPEG images to MP4 video

ffmpeg -r 24 -pattern_type glob -i '*.JPG' -i DSC_%04d.JPG -s hd1080 -vcodec libx264 timelapse.mp4

  • -r 24 - output frame rate
  • -pattern_type glob -i '*.JPG' - all JPG files in the current directory
  • -i DSC_%04d.JPG - e.g. DSC_0397.JPG
  • -s hd1080 - 1920x1080 resolution

Slower, better quality

sqd /
Created Aug 8, 2018
capture colorado college webcam
import pafy
import cv2
url = '8XFlf22-46s'
vpafy =
play = vpafy.getbest()
cap = cv2.VideoCapture(play.url)
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