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SQL Stunts sqlstunts

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sqlstunts / livequeries.sql
Created Jan 22, 2016
Get live queries from MySQL instance in real time.
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SELECT, plist.user,, plist.db,
plist.command, plist.TIME, plist.state,, trx.trx_state,
trx.trx_query, blockerw.blocking_trx_id,
WHEN (blockerw.blocking_trx_id IS NOT NULL) THEN 'Blocked'
WHEN (lockedtr.trx_id IS NOT NULL) THEN 'Locked'
sqlstunts / footprint.sql
Created Nov 25, 2015
Script to gather a fast summary on a MySQL database server.
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#Information about the server
select @@hostname as 'host',@@version_compile_os as 'OS',
@@version as 'Server Version',@@collation_server as 'Default collation',
@@version_compile_machine as 'Server Binary',
@@basedir as 'Binaries Folder', @@datadir as 'Data Folder';
#Information about the databases
#Number of databases
select count(schema_name) as 'Number of DB' from
sqlstunts /
Created Sep 29, 2015
Refactor plugin for MySQL Workbench.
# import the wb module
from wb import *
# import the grt module
import grt
# import the mforms module for GUI stuff
import mforms
# define this Python module as a GRT module
ModuleInfo = DefineModule(name="Refactor", author="mjlmo", version="0.1")
import csv
from tabulate import tabulate
if __name__ == '__main__':
report_headers = []
data = []
with open('data.csv','r') as f:
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