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The REAPER Blog's Fresh Start: REAPER 6 Settings

The REAPER Blog's Fresh Start: REAPER 6 Settings

All these settings are opinions and preferences but captured here verbatim. Watch the video for more context.

Operating System Paths

  1. Create two directories on any drive you want for Backups and ReaPeaks. You will use these later.

Mixer and Transport

  1. Right click mixer - Show multiple rows of tracks (when size permits) = OFF
  2. Right click transport bar > Docked transport position > Top of main window = ON
  3. Right click transport bar > Center transport controls = ON


Go into Reaper's Preferences at this point. (Ctrl/CMD+P)


  1. Maximum undo memory size = 512
  2. Include selection = Click all types (item/track/etc)
  3. When approaching full undo memroy, keep newest undo states = ON
  4. Startup settings > Open projects(s) on startup = New project
  5. Maximum projects in recent project list = 10

General > Paths

  1. Default path to new projects = <A folder you prefer>
  2. Store all peak caches = ON
  3. Store all peak caches path = <The ReaPeaks folder you created earlier>

General > Keyboard

  1. Prevent ALT key from focusing main menu = ON


  1. Project loading > Look for project media items in project = ON
  2. Project saving > Every N minutes = 6 minutes
  3. Save to timestamped file = <Backups folder you created earlier>

Project > Track/Send Defaults

  1. Tracks > Record config = <Change input depending on your interface>

Project > Media Item Defaults

  1. Create automatic fade-in/fade-out = OFF
  2. Overlap and crossfade items when splitting = ON and set to 0:00.005
  3. Loop source for imported items = OFF
  4. Loop source for new MIDI items = OFF
  5. Loop source for recorded items = OFF
  6. Loop source for glued items = OFF
  7. Trim content behind media items when editing = ON


  1. Close audio device when stopped = OFF
  2. Tiny fade out on playback stop = OFF
  3. Tiny fade in on playback start = OFF
  4. Show non-standard stereo pairs = OFF

Audio > Device

  1. Audio Device = <your audio device>

Audio > Playback

  1. Stop/repeat playback at end of project = OFF
  2. Send MIDI note-offs > playback stop = ON

Audio > Recording

  1. Recording settings > Filename format for recorded files = $track - $recpass
  2. Prompt to save/delete/rename new files > on stop = OFF

Audio > Loop Recording

  1. In loop recording, discard incomplete ... = ON

Audio > Rendering settings

  1. Block size to use when rendering = 1024


  1. Appearance settings > Tooltips > UI Elements = OFF

Appearance > Media

  1. Media item buttons > No FX = ON
  2. Item volume handles = No handle
  3. Media item buttons > Volume knob = ON

Editing Behavior

  1. Move edit cursor to start of time selection on time selection change = ON

Editing Behavior > Envelope Display

  1. Volume envelope range = -inf..+12dB
  2. Default per-take pitch envelope range = 12 semitones

Editing Behavior > Mouse

  1. Ignore mousewheel on all faders = ON

Mouse Modifiers

  1. Arrange View > right drag > Default action = Marquee select items + Set time selection (this will say "Marquee select items and time" now)
  2. Envelope segment > left drag > Default action = Move envelope segment


  1. Copy imported media to project media directory = ON

Media > MIDI

  1. MIDI octave name display offset = -1 octaves

Media > Video/Import/Misc

  1. Video > Video decorder priority = vlc (delete all text after vlc)
  2. Video > When moving audio items, seek video frame to = Snap offset of audio item

Plug-ins > VST

If you are getting plugin crashes when opening VSTs in REAPER or when you first add plugins to a project, check this:

  1. VST compatibility > Bypass audio while opening plug-in config window = ON (if the above)

Project Settings

The (i) button above the track listing.

Project Settings

  1. Project sample rate = 48000 hz
  2. Timebase for items/envelopes/markers = Beats (position only)


  1. Path to save media files = Audio Files

Click Save as default project settings.

Info Display Box

This is the small strip under the track list.

  1. Right click > CPU/RAM use, time since last save = ON

Main Toolbar

(this is above the track list)

  1. Right click on the Grouping icon (second row, second column) > Selecting one item selects group = ON
  2. Right click on the Ripple Edit icon (second row, third column) > Ripple edit all affects tempo map = ON
  3. Right click on the Envelope icon (second row, fourth column) > Envelope points > Envelope point selection follows time selection = ON

Action List

Menu Actions > Action list (or ?)

(if you run a custom theme, you don't need to do this theme adjusting)

  1. Select Default_6.0 theme adjuster
  2. Click Run

Default_6.0 theme adjuster


  1. Gamma = 1.08
  2. Highlights = -0.10
  3. Midtones = 0.05
  4. Shadows = 0.00
  5. Saturation = 104%

Track Control Panel

  1. Click all HIDE on Layout A so nothing is hidden
  2. RECORD MODE + If Track Not Armed = HIDE
  3. Name Size = 110

Mixer Control Panel

  1. Add Border = Left Edge
  2. Do Meter Expansion + If Track Selected = OFF
  3. Do Meter Expansion + If Track Not Selected = OFF
  4. Element Labels + If Track Armed = ON
  5. Element Labels + If Track Not Armed = ON

Zoom and Scroll

Adjusting Horizontal Zoom

Open the Action list again (?). Search for zoom mousewheel in Filter.

  1. Mousewheel View: Zoom horizontally > Delete Mousewheel and Opt+HorizWheel in Shortcuts for selected action (lower left)
  2. Click Add for Mousewheel
  3. Move mousewheel while holding opt/alt
  4. Click Yes to override

You can reverse this in the same screen if you prefer (the Zoom horizontally reversed item)

Adjusting Vertical Zoom

  1. Filter the Action list for track height
  2. Click View: Adjust selected track heights = Delete the default shortcut
  3. Click Add
  4. Move mouse wheel while holding Cmd/Ctrl+Shift.

Scrolling Tracks Vertically

Filter the Action list by scroll mousewheel

  1. Click View: Scroll vertically
  2. Delete the default shortcut
  3. Click Add
  4. Move mousewheel

You might also have to set scrolling horizontally by setting View: Scroll horizontally to Shift+Mousewheel.

More Theme Tweaking

Action list (?) > Theme development: Show theme tweak/configuration > Run

Filter selected

  1. Draw colored bar on selected media item = ON
  2. Selected media item bar color = Cyan color or color you like

Staying in the Theme development window, Filter for take

  1. Draw colored bar on active media item take = ON

Staying in the Theme development window, Filter for grid

  1. Grid lines (start of beats) = white color
  2. Grid lines (in between beats) = white color
  3. MIDI editor grid line (start of beats) = white color (optional)
  4. MIDI editor grid line (in between beats) = white color (optional)
  5. Grid lines (start of measure) = pink/magenta

Grid Preferences

Go back to the REAPER Preferences screen. (cmd/ctrl+p)

  1. Appearance > Show dotted grid lines = OFF
  2. Appearance > Grid line Z order = Leave as Through items (or under items or over items, this is preference)

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@reaperblog reaperblog commented Jun 22, 2021

That's a hell of a lot of typing, thank you for doing this.

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