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  1. Reasonably sophisticated dependency tree


  1. Child issues are poorly integrated:
    1. An "epic" does not transitively apply to all child issues, even though child issues cannot have epics
    2. the "sidebar" view (e.g. Sprint) doesn't show parent issues at all
    3. Blocked children are not exposed in the parent issue - blocking is not transitive.
  2. The interface is limited:
View run-e2e-tests.diff
diff --git a/test/e2e_node/image_list.go b/test/e2e_node/image_list.go
index d87530e..581b2c0 100644
--- a/test/e2e_node/image_list.go
+++ b/test/e2e_node/image_list.go
@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ func PrePullAllImages() error {
return err
images := framework.ImageWhiteList.List()
glog.V(4).Infof("Pre-pulling images %+v", images)

CNI plugin chaining proposals


CNI does not currently have a defined way to chain plugins. There is implicit chaning via the IPAM mechanism, where it is assumed that the top-level plugin (e.g. macvlan) will find and execute an IPAM plugin, but this is not made more generic.

Motivating examples


The flannel plugin is runtime-interface-agnostic. It accepts an interface configuration, modifies it based on runtime flannel state, and passes this to the desired "real" plugin.




This references the api spec and the high level description.

It should be noted that the high-level description is somewhat out of date. There are now only two services: RuntimeService and ImageService

  1. How are PodSandboxes mutated?
  2. Why does CreateContainerRequest also allow a PodSandboxConfig? Is this the preferred way to mutate a PodSandbox? What about cases where the sandbox is mutated outside of container creation?