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BatSignal - Automate Github Deploy
# Author: Stephen Coley @coleydotco
# This script automates a Github deploy.
# I use it with Alfred to deploy
# Change the stuff surrounded in [..]
# You must run git pull in the terminal and
# copy the line that asks you for your password.
# Replace [Enter passphrase for key \\'~/.ssh/id_rsa\\':] with what you copied
# Make sure to put a \\ before any single quote to escape the character
# Fork and improve!
expect -c '
spawn ssh [user]@[domain] ;
expect "password" ;
send "[your password]\n" ;
send "cd [/to/your/repo]\n" ;
send "git pull\n" ;
expect "[Enter passphrase for key \\'~/.ssh/id_rsa\\':]" ;
send "[your password]\n" ;
expect "Already up-to-date."
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