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Automatically backup a MongoDB database to S3 using mongodump, tar, and awscli (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
# Make sure to:
# 1) Name this file `` and place it in /home/ubuntu
# 2) Run sudo apt-get install awscli to install the AWSCLI
# 3) Run aws configure (enter s3-authorized IAM user and specify region)
# 4) Fill in DB host + name
# 5) Create S3 bucket for the backups and fill it in below (set a lifecycle rule to expire files older than X days in the bucket)
# 6) Run chmod +x
# 7) Test it out via ./
# 8) Set up a daily backup at midnight via `crontab -e`:
# 0 0 * * * /home/ubuntu/ > /home/ubuntu/backup.log
# DB host (secondary preferred as to avoid impacting primary performance)
# DB name
# S3 bucket name
# Linux user account
# Current time
TIME=`/bin/date +%d-%m-%Y-%T`
# Backup directory
# Tar file of backup directory
# Create backup dir (-p to avoid warning if already exists)
/bin/mkdir -p $DEST
# Log
echo "Backing up $HOST/$DBNAME to s3://$BUCKET/ on $TIME";
# Dump from mongodb host into backup directory
/usr/bin/mongodump -h $HOST -d $DBNAME -o $DEST
# Create tar of backup directory
/bin/tar cvf $TAR -C $DEST .
# Upload tar to s3
/usr/bin/aws s3 cp $TAR s3://$BUCKET/
# Remove tar file locally
/bin/rm -f $TAR
# Remove backup directory
/bin/rm -rf $DEST
# All done
echo "Backup available at$BUCKET/$TIME.tar"
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