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taiwindcss default list of padding , font size and line height against equivalent pixels for font base 16px
0px 0rem .p-0
4px 0.25rem .p-1
8px 0.5rem .p-2
12px 0.75rem .p-3, .leading-3, .text-xs
14px 0.875rem .text-sm
16px 1rem .p-4, .leading-4, .text-base
18px 1.125rem .text-lg
20px 1.25rem .p-5, .leading-5, .text-xl
24px 1.5rem .p-6, .leading-6, .text-2xl
28px 1.75rem .leading-7
30px 1.875rem .text-3xl
32px 2rem .p-8, .leading-8
36px 2.25rem .leading-9, .text-4xl
40px 2.5rem .p-10, .leading-10
48px 3rem .p-12, .text-5xl
64px 4rem .p-16, .text-6xl
80px 5rem .p-20
96px 6rem .p-24
128px 8rem .p-32
160px 10rem .p-40
192px 12rem .p-48
224px 14rem .p-56
256px 16rem .p-64
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