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Learn How to Google Guava Strings
package com.putracode.guava.base;
import static com.putracode.guava.Util.*;
* Created by KrisnaPutra on 2/10/2016.
public class GuavaStrings {
public static void main(String[] args) {
final String STR_NULL=null;
final String STR_EMPTY="";
final String STRING="STRING";
printTitle("Google Guava : Strings");
printlnSubTitle("1. emptyToNull");
printlnTab("How To Return String Empty When Null -->"+ Strings.nullToEmpty(STR_NULL)+"<--");
printlnSubTitle("2. emptyToNull");
printlnTab("How To Return null Value When String Empty -->"+Strings.emptyToNull(STR_EMPTY));
printlnSubTitle("3. Check String Empty Or Null");
printlnTab("String Null : " + Strings.isNullOrEmpty(STR_NULL));
printlnTab("String Empty : "+ Strings.isNullOrEmpty(STR_EMPTY));
printlnTab("Check String Empty Or Null : "+Strings.isNullOrEmpty(STRING));
printlnSubTitle("4. padEnd and padStart");
printlnTab("String padEnd 12 : "+ Strings.padEnd(STRING,12,'0'));
printlnTab("String padStart 12 : "+Strings.padStart(STRING, 12, '0'));
printlnSubTitle("5. Repeat ");
printlnTab("Repeat String 2x : "+Strings.repeat(STRING,2));
printlnSubTitle("6. Common Prefix and Common Sufix");
printlnTab("CommonPrefix [STR123,STR321] is : "+Strings.commonPrefix("STR123","STR321"));
printlnTab("CommonSufix ["+Strings.padEnd(STRING,12,'0')
+","+Strings.padEnd("123123",12,'0')+ "] is : "
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