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How To Use DateUtils for some operations java.util.Date
package com.putracode.time;
import org.apache.commons.lang3.time.DateUtils;
import java.util.Calendar;
import java.util.Date;
import static com.putracode.Util.*;
* Created by KrisnaPutra on 2/11/2016.
public class Learn_DateUtils {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
Date date= DateUtils.parseDate("12/02/2016","dd/MM/yyyy");
String STRING_DATE="21/02/1987";
printTitle("Common-Lang3 : DateUtils");
println("Date Now is : "+date);
println("Add Day 1 : "+ DateUtils.addDays(date,1));
println("Add Hours : "+ DateUtils.addHours(date,1));
println("Add Miliseconds : "+DateUtils.addMilliseconds(date,100));
println("Add Minutes : "+DateUtils.addMilliseconds(date,30));
println("Add Seconds : "+DateUtils.addSeconds(date,30));
println("Add Weeks : "+DateUtils.addWeeks(date,3));
println("Add Years : "+DateUtils.addYears(date,1));
println("Ceiling : "+DateUtils.ceiling(date, Calendar.MONTH));
println("Get Fragment in a Days : "+DateUtils.getFragmentInDays(date,Calendar.YEAR));
println("I Same Day "+DateUtils.isSameDay(new Date() ,new Date()));
println("I Same Instant "+DateUtils.isSameInstant(new Date(), new Date()));
println("Parse String to Date : "+DateUtils.parseDate(STRING_DATE,STRING_FORMAT_PATTERN));
println("Round Date : "+STRING_DATE+" With CALENDAR.MONTH :"+DateUtils.round(DateUtils.parseDate(STRING_DATE,STRING_FORMAT_PATTERN),Calendar.MONTH));
// round(Date,MONTH) IF Day >= 15 will be next Month( 01 NEXT_MONTH) ELSE 01 CURRENT MONTH
println("**** if you wan't to change Day, Month and Years. can use setDays,setMonth,setYears");
println("Date = "+date);
println("Date set Days to 1th : "+DateUtils.setDays(date,1));
println("Date set Month to Jan : "+DateUtils.setMonths(date,1));
println("Date set Year to 2010 : "+DateUtils.setYears(date,2010));
try {
print("trying to set februai to 30th : ");
}catch (Exception e){
println(" Exception Set Date in Feb to 30th : "+e.getMessage());
println("Truncdate Date : "+date+" for Month : "+DateUtils.truncate(date,Calendar.MONTH));
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