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Change the Endpoint
const commands = [
{title:'Clean Test 1',endPoint: '', audio: clean_test1},
{title:'Clean Test 2',endPoint: '', audio: clean_test2},
{title:'Get Test 1',endPoint: '', audio: get_test1},
{title:'Get Test 2',endPoint: '', audio: get_test2},
{title:'Get Test 3',endPoint: '', audio: get_test3},
{title:'Meal Test 1',endPoint: '', audio: meal_test1},
{title:'Meal Test 2',endPoint: '', audio: meal_test2},
{title:'Meal Test 3',endPoint: '', audio: meal_test3},
{title:'Order Test 1',endPoint: '', audio: order_test1},
{title:'Order Test 2',endPoint: '', audio: order_test2},
{title:'Order Test 3',endPoint: '', audio: order_test3},
{title:'Order Test 4',endPoint: '', audio: order_test4},
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