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Created Dec 5, 2017
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RUN python /opt/C3STEM/DB/
RUN python /opt/C3STEM/DB/
RUN echo 'import pymongo\n\
import docker\n\
import os\n\
from pymongo import MongoClient\n\
from bson.objectid import ObjectId\n\
client = docker.from_env()\n\
connection = MongoClient((os.getenv('MONGO_URI'))\n\
db = connection.c3stem_database\n\
ip = ""\n\
"_id": ip,\n\
"flavor": "m1.medium",\n\
"private_IP": ip,\n\
"public_IP": ip,\n\
"key_name": "id_rsa",\n\
"type": "TRANSIENT",\n\
"status": "AVAIL",\n\
"user": "ALL",\n\
"mode": "GROUP"});' >/opt/C3STEM/DB/
RUN python /opt/C3STEM/DB/
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