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Created January 22, 2015 22:15
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DHTMLX Dynamic load and pagination
//Must include these DHTMLX Pro Javascripts
// Initializing the Table Grid
var per_page = 10;
mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('grid-region'); // 'grid-region' is ID of the Grid region
mygrid.setImagePath('/vendor/dhtmlx/imgs/'); // DHTMLX images path
mygrid.setSkin("dhx_terrace"); // Sets Skin
mygrid.setHeader("Column 1, Column2, Column 3"); // Display these column names in table
mygrid.setColumnIds("col1,col2,col3"); // Object ID returned from JSON
mygrid.setInitWidths("150,200,130"); // Width of the Column
mygrid.enableAutoHeight(true); //Enables auto height. This is important because sometimes rows will be hidden.
mygrid.enableAutoWidth(true); // Enables auto width.
mygrid.attachEvent("onXLS",function(){ document.getElementById("table-ajax-loader").style.display="block"; }); // Show spinner while loading data
mygrid.attachEvent("onXLE",function(){ document.getElementById("table-ajax-loader").style.display="none"; }); // hide spinner after loading data
mygrid.enablePaging(true, per_page, per_page, "pagingArea", true, "infoArea"); // Check
mygrid.setPagingSkin("toolbar", "dhx_skyblue"); // Sets skin for pagination. Check
mygrid.load("/get/feeds?count="+per_page+"&posStart=0", "js"); // 'js' Expects a JS Object. Always add params count and posStart for pagination.Next page params will be taken care by DHTMLX paginate
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