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Last active Apr 12, 2017

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stylelint and ESLint for WordPress CSS & JavaScript Coding Standards
0) Install node via nvm
1) npm install -g eslint stylelint stylelint-config-wordpress eslint-config-wordpress
2) install SublimeLinter-contrib-stylelint ST package.
3) Create file named .stylelintrc in a locaton, say /Users/sridharkatakam/Documents/Websites having
4) In SublimeLinter User Settings,
"stylelint": {
"@disable": false,
"args": [
"excludes": []
5) Create .eslintrc file in /Users/sridharkatakam/Documents/Websites having
extends: 'wordpress'
2) sridhar [11:06 AM]
How does eslint know to look for `.eslintrc` wherever that file currently is?
I wonder if `.eslintrc` file is actually being used..
netweb [11:06 AM]
It traverses up the path looking for a valid ESLint configuration file, stylelint also does this (edited)
3) SublimeLinter.sublime-settings (Tools > SublimeLinter > Open User Settings):
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