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Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Event
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|0 = [[File:India_Bikaner_Junagarh_Fort.jpg|200px|Photo: Junagarh Fort, Bikaner]]
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--><div style="margin-bottom: 0.25em;"><big>Happy Birthday Wikipedia</big></div><!--
--><big><big>Bikaner ,Rajasthan</big></big><br>
<small>'''11:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. <br> 29 January 2011'''</small><br><!--
== Key contacts ==
* Primary wikipedian supporting volunteers: [[User:Arunram|Arunram]]
* Primary volunteer contact: [ Srishti Sethi] , Final year student & FOSS enthusiast from Engineering College Bikaner.
== Event Details ==
[[File:Gtr.JPG|150px|right|thumb|GT Rao FOSS activist addressing the crowd]]
*Date : 29th January 2010
*Time : 11:00 A.M
*Campus : Engineering College Bikaner.
*Venue : T&P Cell
== Summary ==
[ Linux User Group Bikaner(lugb)] of Engineering College Bikaner celebrated the birthday of Wikipedia on 29th January 2011 fifteen days later than the actual birth-date of Wikipedia after getting free from university examinations.FOSS activist '''G T Rao''' greeted the folks.A kind of informal | Technical | Open source birthday of wikipedia.Celebration involved : -
[[File:Folks.JPG|300px|right|thumb|Enthusiastic LUGB members]]
* Slide presentation on wikipedia
* '''Jimmy Wales''' wikipedia's birthday message on global call to action
* Licensing issues | Creative commons emphasized
* Deletion policy
* Should wikipedia editors be paid ?
* How to edit / create a wikipedia article ?
* Campus Ambassador Program Wikipedia
* Do's & Dont's of editing a article in wikipedia.
* Discussion on projects under [ Wikimedia Foundation]
== Volunteers & Attendees==
[[File:Al.JPG|200px|right|thumb|[[User:Alonemayank|Apurva Tripathi]] discussing about licensing issues]]
* Priyank shastri ,gtalk : priyankrocks7689
* [ Srishti Sethi], gtalk: srishakatux
* Nitin Mudgal, gtalk: techno.x007, skype: nmudgal
* [ Alok Ranjan], gtalk: , skype: alokdrocks
* Nitesh kumar, gtalk : creative2all, skype:niteshdnapster
* Supriya Chaudhary gtalk :supriyachaudhary9090
* [ Vinay Jhedu],gmail:vinay.komal100
* hemant verma , gtalk : hemantverma999,skype:hemant.verma85>
* [[User:Alonemayank|Apurva Tripathi]] , gtalk : alonemayank
[[File:Grup.JPG|500px|left|thumb|LUGIANS at Wikipedia Birthday Anniversary,Bikaner]]
[[File:Napster.JPG|200px|right|thumb|Napster posting comment]]
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