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Instructions for how to have Kanji Colorizer not replace a field with other text in it.
# This is useful for multi-Kanji words; once you've deleted everything but the first Kanji, you want
# the colorizer to leave the field alone.
# 1) Look for the line that starts with `def addKanji(note, flag=False, currentFieldIndex=None)`
# 2) Scroll down almost to the bottom of that function (where the lines are indented,
# right above the "Add a colorized..." bit of text
# 3) Replace this line:
note[dstField] = dst
# With this:
if not note[dstField]:
note[dstField] = dst
# Restart Anki and you'll be good to go! This basically checks if the field's empty, and does nothing if it is.
# If the field's NOT empty, it replaces it with the new, snazzy colorized kanji images.
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