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Last active March 16, 2024 17:19
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.editorconfig with some StyleCop rules disabled
## StyleCop.Analyzers
# Using directive should appear within a namespace declaration
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1200.severity = None
# XML comment analysis is disabled due to project configuration
dotnet_diagnostic.SA0001.severity = None
# The file header is missing or not located at the top of the file
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1633.severity = None
# Use string.Empty for empty strings
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1122.severity = None
# Variable '_' should begin with lower-case letter
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1312.severity = None
# Parameter '_' should begin with lower-case letter
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1313.severity = None
# Elements should be documented
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1600.severity = None
# Prefix local calls with this
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1101.severity = None
# 'public' members should come before 'private' members
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1202.severity = None
# Comments should contain text
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1120.severity = None
# Constant fields should appear before non-constant fields
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1203.severity = None
# Field '_blah' should not begin with an underscore
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1309.severity = None
# Use trailing comma in multi-line initializers
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1413.severity = None
# A method should not follow a class
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1201.severity = None
# Elements should be separated by blank line
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1516.severity = None
# The parameter spans multiple lines
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1118.severity = None
# Static members should appear before non-static members
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1204.severity = None
# Put constructor initializers on their own line
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1128.severity = None
# Opening braces should not be preceded by blank line
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1509.severity = None
# The parameter should begin on the line after the previous parameter
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1115.severity = None
# File name should match first type name
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1649.severity = None
# File may only contain a single type
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1402.severity = None
# Enumeration items should be documented
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1602.severity = None
# Element should not be on a single line
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1502.severity = None
# Closing parenthesis should not be preceded by a space
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1009.severity = None
# Closing parenthesis should be on line of last parameter
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1111.severity = None
# Braces should not be ommitted
dotnet_diagnostic.SA1503.severity = None
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