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Export all data from HBase database to CSV in this format: row-key, column-key, value
import happybase, sys, os, string
# Output directory for CSV files
outputDir = "/mnt"
# HBase Thrift server to connect to. Leave blank for localhost
server = ""
# Connect to server
c = happybase.Connection(server)
# Get the full list of tables
tables = c.tables()
# For each table in the tables
for table in tables:
# Open file to write to
file = open(outputDir + "/" + table + ".csv", "w")
t = c.table(table)
print table + ": ",
count = 0
# For each row key
for prefix in string.printable:
for key, data in t.scan(row_prefix=prefix):
# First key
if count == 0:
startRow = key
# Each column
for col in data:
value = data[col]
column = col[col.index(":")+1:]
# Write row, column, value to file
file.write("%s, %s, %s\n" % (key, column, value))
count += 1
os.system(" restart thrift")
c = happybase.Connection(server)
t = c.table(table)
# Last key
endRow = key
print "%s => %s, " % (startRow, endRow),
print str(count)
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javrasya commented Jun 8, 2017

Thank you, it works. By the way, it works with Python version 2.7,not 2.6.

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