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  • Brooklyn, NY
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sruti / civic_tech_founded_data.csv
Created May 10, 2019
Data from with project's name, year founded and category (as of March 17, 2019)
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date_founded name categories
2016 mRelief The Tech>Civic products>Get social benefits
2011 Smart Cities Expo The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
2003 FooCamp The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
2003 Poplus The People>Meet the others>Online>Partner networks
1989 NICAR The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences|The Tech>Media
2014 International Open Data Conference The Tech>Civic data|The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
2015 Boston Civic Media The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences|The People>Meet the others>Online>Peer networks
2012 Gigabit City Summit The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
2012 OuiShareFest The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
sruti / all_categories.csv
Last active Aug 13, 2019
Data for civic tech timeline
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date_founded Accelerators Activism aggregators Adjacent Fields Advocacy tech Algorithmic transparency Alliances Archives Artificial intelligence Assistive Tech Awards and prizes Backchannels Behavioral economics programs Blockchain Books Bots Budget explorers Build something Building inside government Bureaucracy tech Campaign tools Campaigns Challenges Check-in tools Citizen science Civic and social impact companies Civic crowdfunding Civic crowdfunding platforms Civic data Civic fiction Civic forums Civic hackathons Civic hacking meetups Civic literacy Civic products Civic tech catalogs Civic tech forums and listservs Co-design Communicating with the government Communicating with the people Competitions Conferences Connectivity Courses Crowdlaw Crowdsourced data collection Dashboards Data analysis Data schemas and standards Data sourcing Data visualization Data visualization tools and platforms De-polarization technologies Defining the field Digital literacy Digital rights Digital security and privacy Distr
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