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OpenWrt SSH tunnel

Short how-to for creating a reverse ssh tunnel to a remote server. Useful for breaking NATted connection for example.

  1. At OpenWrt:
opkg update
opkg install sshtunnel
  1. At remote server: create client ssh keys
ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa

Move the resulting private key to OpenWrt /root/.ssh/id_rsa, and assign chmod 600.

  1. At remote server: Authorize OpenWrt client at remote server (authorized_keys)

  2. At OpenWrt: Store remote host public key as known host

# accept yes, and press ctrl + c
  1. At OpenWrt: Enable service (Start on bootup)
/etc/init.d/sshtunnel enable
  1. At OpenWrt: Start service
/etc/init.d/sshtunnel start
  1. At OpenWrt: configure sshtunnel

See for more information

Example configuration

config server myremote
	option user	myuser
	option hostname	remotehost
	option IdentityFile	/root/.ssh/id_rsa
	option retrydelay	5
	option ServerAliveInterval	30
	option ServerAliveCountMax	3
	option LogLevel		DEBUG1

config tunnelR sshtunnel
	option server	myremote
	option remoteport	44423
	option remoteaddress	*
	option localport	22
	option localaddress

/etc/init.d/sshtunnel reload


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@ssalonen ssalonen commented Jun 1, 2017

In order to allow binding to all interfaces, server configuration might need changing, see this comment in on GatewayPorts setting.

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