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Rake task to back up heroku database and restore it locally.
namespace :db do
desc "Backs up heroku database and restores it locally."
task import_from_heroku: [ :environment, :create ] do
HEROKU_APP_NAME = nil # Change this if app name is not picked up by `heroku` git remote.
c = Rails.configuration.database_configuration[Rails.env]
heroku_app_flag = HEROKU_APP_NAME ? " --app #{HEROKU_APP_NAME}" : nil
Bundler.with_clean_env do
puts "[1/4] Capturing backup on Heroku"
`heroku pg:backups capture DATABASE_URL#{heroku_app_flag}`
puts "[2/4] Downloading backup onto disk"
`curl -o tmp/latest.dump \`heroku pg:backups public-url #{heroku_app_flag} | cat\``
puts "[3/4] Mounting backup on local database"
`pg_restore --clean --verbose --no-acl --no-owner -h localhost -d #{c["database"]} tmp/latest.dump`
puts "[4/4] Removing local backup"
`rm tmp/latest.dump`
puts "Done."
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ssaunier commented Nov 13, 2014

Copy this file in you rails app to the lib/tasks repository. Make sure you have the heroku PG Backups add-on in place on your app. Then you can run:

$ rake db:import_from_heroku

This will remove all your local data and replace it with the production data on your local database.

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augnustin commented Dec 19, 2014


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jmsevold commented Mar 9, 2015

On the project I am working on, we have both our development and production database on Heroku. When I ran this task, it pulled down the development database dump. Is there anyway I could specify the production database within this task?

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ssaunier commented Jul 20, 2015

@jmsevold: you can add --app YOUR_PRODUCTION_APP to line 7 (heroku pg:backups capture) of the script to specify which database app you want to dump.

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